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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Naming maternal alienationMorris, A. E.
2004Narrating Tamil nationalism: subjectivities and issuesRoberts, M.
2004Narrative lives and human rights: stolen generation narratives and the ethics of recognitionSchaffer, K.
2006Narrative, trauma and memory: Chen Ran's A Private Life, Tiananmen Square and female embodimentSchaffer, K.; Song, X.
2004Narratives from the women's studies family: Recreating knowledgeOsuri, Goldie
2002Narratives of nation media, memory and representation in the making of the new South AfricaMcEachern, Charmaine Ruth
2003Nation-building, nationalisation and ETSASpoehr, J.; John Spoehr
2016National humanitarianism and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunamiWest, B.; O'Reilly, R.
2001National integration and local power in JapanJain, P.
2014National interest and Japan's foreign aid policyJain, P.
2003National Sovereignty versus Moral Sovereignty: The Case of The Australian Reporting of TaiwanGao, C.; Donald, S.; Shaoquan, Z.
2003Native Title in Australia: an ethnographic perspectiveSutton, P.
1996Natives of Four or Five Kingdoms: Mount Gambier around 1870Allen, M.
2005Natural and post-European settlement variability in water quality of the lower Snowy River floodplain, eastern Victoria, AustraliaMacGregor, A.; Gell, P.; Wallbrink, P.; Hancock, G.
2016Natural hazards in Australia: droughtsKiem, A.; Johnson, F.; Westra, S.; van Dijk, A.; Evans, J.; O Donnell, A.; Rouillard, A.; Barr, C.; Tyler, J.; Thyer, M.; Jakob, D.; Woldemeskel, F.; Sivakumar, B.; Mehrotra, R.
2009Natural resource wealth, development and social policy: evidence and issuesRosser, A.; Hujo, K.; McClanahan, S.
2004Nature as an expression of Tawhid (Divine Unity): Islam and EcologySaniotis, A.
2021Nature can heal itself: Divine encounter, lived experience, and individual interpretations of climatic changeDrew, G.; Haberman, D.L.
2010NatureLinks: a critical response to climate change impacts on biodiversity in South AustraliaBardsley, D.
2015Navigating the roles of the social learning researcher: a critical analysis of a learning approach to guide climate change adaptationBardsley, D.