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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014L'adaptation multiforme des terroirs viticoles au changement climatique: un cas d'etude comparative France (Roussillon)/Australie (McLaren Vale)Lereboullet, A.-L.; Beltrando, G.; Bardsley, D.; Quénol, H.
2003L'area asiaticaHugo, G.; Vincenzo Cesareo
2006L. MillerAllen, M.
2004L2 Acquisition of psych-predicates in adnominal clauses by English-speaking learners of JapaneseShomura-Isse, Y.; Enomoto, K.; Laskowski, T.; Long, R.; KASELE Conference 2004 (2004 : Miyazaki University)
2007The L2 acquitision of case absorption effects in passives by Japanese-speaking learners of EnglishEnomoto, K.; Sakamoto, M.; Watanabe, K.; Annual Conference of Kyushu Academic Society of English Language Education (35th : 2006 : Kumamoto, Japan)
2004La Marismea AustralianaThompson, K.; Fook, J.; Hawthorne, S.; Klein, R.
2004Labor and social capital: disengaging from social justice?Wilson, L.; Chiveralls, K.; Beasley, C.; Hill, L.; ohnson, C.; McCarthy, G.; Macintyre, C.; Australasian Political Studies Association Conference (2004 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2004Labor export strategies in AsiaHugo, G.; Stahl, C.; Massey, D.; Taylor, J.
2001Labour circulation and socio-economic transformation: The case of East Java, IndonesiaHugo, G.
2001Labour circulation and socioeconomic transformation: The case of east JavaHugo, G.
1995Labour export from Indonesia: An overviewHugo, G.
2008Labour force projections: A case for the Greater Metropolitan Area of New South WalesTan, Y.; Lester, L.; Richardson, S.; European Population Conference (2006 : Liverpool, U.K.)
2006Labour Force Projections: A Case for the Greater Metropolitan Area of New South Wales to 2031Tan, Y.; Richardson, S.; Lester, L.; European Population Conference (2006 : Liverpool, U.K.)
2012Labour market and economic impacts of international working holiday temporary migrants to AustraliaTan, Y.; Lester, L.
2008Labour market regulation and deregulation in asia: Experiences in recent decadesHugo, G.
2000Labour migration from East Indonesia to East Malaysia: Recent trendsHugo, G.
2009Labour mobility and poverty reduction in TongaTaukolo, S.; Redden, J.; Esau, R.; Stoler, A.; Redden, J.; Jackson, L.
2008Labour Mobility in the Asia-Pacific Region: Dynamics, Issues and a New APEC AgendaHugo, G.; Young, S.
2018Lake-wetland ecosystem services modeling and valuation: progress, gaps and future directionsXu, X.; Jiang, B.; Tan, Y.; Costanza, R.; Yang, G.
2001Land and resource planning and Indigenous interests: Reproducing or transforming the social relations of resource useLane, Marcus B.; Cowell, Stuart