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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997JapanJain, P.; Weeks, D.
1996JapanJain, P.; Weeks, D.
2009Japan and a new Asian orderJain, P.
2005Japan and Africa after the Cold WarMorikawa, J.
1997Japan and Africa: Big Business and DiplomacyMorikawa, J.
1996Japan and South Asia: An OverviewJain, P.
2000Japan and South Asia: Between cooperation and confrontationJain, P.; Takashi, I.; Jain, P.
1996Japan and South Asia: Where to from Here?Jain, P.
2016Japan and the Indo-PacificJain, P.; Horimoto, T.; Chacko, P.
1999Japan's 1999 unified local elections: Electing Tokyo's GovernorJain, P.
2013Japan's 21st century strategic challenges: IntroductionJain, P.; Lam, P.; Jain, P.; Lam, P.
2002Japan's African diplomacy and NGOsMorikawa, J.; Takashi Okakura
2007Japan's energy security policy in an era of emerging competition in the Asia-PacificJain, P.; Michael Wesley
2009Japan's expanding security networks: India and AustraliaJain, P.
2007Japan's fertility transition: Empirical evidence from the bounds testing approach to cointegrationNarayan, P. K.; Peng, Xiujian
2020Japan's foreign aid: Continuity and changeJain, P.C.; Lam, P.E.; Jain, P.
2016Japan's foreign aid: old and new contestsJain, P.
2003Japan's interest in Indian OceanJain, P.
1996Japan's internationalisation at the grassroots level (Japanese)Jain, P.; Mizukami, T.
2000Japan's local governance at the crossroads: The third wave of reformJain, P.