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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008E+S=DM: using science to teach social science and build critical thinking skillsNursey-Bray, M.; Teaching Matters Conference (6th : 2007 : Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)
2014E-witnessing in the digital ageSchaffer, K.; Smith, S.
2021Earlier contact with child protection services among children of parents with criminal convictions and mental disordersWhitten, T.; Dean, K.; Li, R.; Laurens, K.R.; Harris, F.; Carr, V.J.; Green, M.J.
1997The Earliest Extant Commentary on Lunyu: Lunyu Zheng Shi ZhuMakeham, John Thomas
2017Early Chinese migrants to Australia: a critique of the sojourner narrative on nineteenth-century Chinese migration to British coloniesGao, M.
2015Earth, air, fire and water: distinguishing human impacts from natural desertification in South AustraliaWilliams, M.
2003East of Wallace's Line. Studies of Past and Present Maritime Cultures of the Indo-Pacific Region by Sue O'Connor and Peter Veth (eds)Williams, M.
2012Ecological change and the sociocultural consequences of the Ganges River's declineDrew, G.
2015Ecological change in fragile floodplain wetland ecosystems, natural vs human influence: The Macquarie Marshes of eastern AustraliaYu, L.; García, A.; Chivas, A.; Tibby, J.; Kobayashi, T.; Haynes, D.
2016Ecological modernization and water resource management: a critique of institutional transitions in GhanaAtampugre, G.; Botchway, D.; Esia-Donkoh, K.; Kendie, S.
2016Ecological risk assessment of ecosystem services in the Taihu Lake Basin of China from 1985 to 2020Xu, X.; Yang, G.; Tan, Y.; Zhuang, Q.; Li, H.; Wan, R.; Su, W.; Zhang, J.
2006An econometric analysis of the determinants of fertility for China, 1952-2000Narayan, Paresh Kumar; Peng, Xiujian
2014Economic consequences of failed autonomous adaptation to extreme floods: a case study from BangladeshYounus, M.; Harvey, N.
2014The economic contribution of humanitarian settlers in AustraliaHugo, G.
2012The economic contribution of refugees – an Australian case studyHugo, G.
2001Economic Crisis and the Political Economy of Economic Liberalisation in Southeast AsiaRosser, A.; Jayasuriya, K.
2005Economic issues and lessons arising from the community rainforest reforestation programHarrison, S.; Herbohn, J.; Smorfitt, D.; Suh, J.
2001Economic orthodoxy and the East Asian crisisRosser, A.; Jayasuriya, K.
2009Economic Restructuring, Regional 'Visioning' and the Role of Universities: The Outcomes of an Automotive Plant Closure in Southern Adelaide, AustraliaBeer, A.; Thomas, H.
2011Economic, social and civic contributions of first and second generation humanitarian entrantsHugo, G.J.; Vas Dev, S.; Wall, J.; Young, M.E.; Sharma, V.; Parker, K.; Department of Immigration and Citizenship