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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Fluid boundaries: Forming and transforming identify in NepalWilmore, Michael Joseph
2010'Fond of cooking, interested in studies, a good daughter': The gendered identities of young Indians, Chinese, Japanese and AustraliansBulbeck, M.
1999Food and Profit: the Political Economy of Grain Marketing Reform in ChinaWatson, A.; Findlay, C.
2007Food security implications of failure of autonomous crop adaptation to extreme flood events: a case study in BangladeshYounus, M.A.; Bedford, R.; Morad, M.; Ahmad, Q; Warrick, R
2007For Aborigines? Rights and realityBell, Diane Robin
1997For humanity. For the Sinhalese. Dharmapala as crusading BosatRoberts, M.
2002Foraminiferal biofacies eco-succession and Holocene sealevels, Port Pirie, South AustraliaCann, J.; Harvey, N.; Barnett, E.; Belperio, A.; Bourman, R.
2006Forced migration in Indonesia: Historical perspectivesHugo, G.
2018Forecasting and foreclosing futures: the temporal dissonance of advance care directivesZivkovic, T.
2008Forecasting future demands: What we can and cannot knowRichardson, S.; Tan, Y.
2000Forecasting the pattern of urban growth with PUP: a web-based model interfaced with GIS and 3D animationBell, Martin J.; Dean, C.; Blake, Marcus D.
2020Foreign aid and Asian donorsMorreale, B.; Jain, P.C.; Inoguchi, T.
2001Foreign Workers' Integration in Australia and Undocumented Immigration in AsiaHugo, G.
1996Forest degradation, deforestation, and reforestation in Kalimantan: towards a sustainable land use?Potter, Lesley Marianne
2002Forest Management Systems Evaluation: Using ISO14000McDonald, G. T.; Lane, Marcus B.
1997A forest product out of control. Gutta percha in Indonesia and the wider Malay world 1845-1915Potter, Lesley Marianne
1996Forestry in contemporary IndonesiaPotter, Lesley Marianne
2002Forests and grassland, drought and fire: The island of Borneo in the historical environmental record (post-1800)Potter, Lesley Marianne
2003Forests versus agriculture: Colonial forest services, environmental ideas and the regulation of land-use change in Southeast AsiaPotter, Lesley Marianne
2006Forging new bilateral relations: Japan-China cooperation at the sub-national levelJain, P.; Er, L.