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2010Exploring discourses in environmental decision making: An Indigenous hunting case studyNursey-Bray, M.; Marsh, H.; Ross, H.
2004Exploring environmental security: nuclear waste in the Indian ocean regionDoyle, T.; Beasley, C.; Hill, L.; ohnson, C.; McCarthy, G.; Macintyre, C.; Australasian Political Studies Association Conference (2004 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2015Exploring relationship between social inequality and adaptations to climate change: evidence from urban household surveys in the Yangtze River delta, ChinaTan, Y.; Liu, X.; Hugo, G.
2019Exploring the applicability of the Semantic Web for discovering and navigating Australian Indigenous knowledge resourcesCorn, A.; Patrick, S.W.J.
2016Exploring the relationship between social inequality and environmentally-induced migration: evidence from urban household surveys in Shanghai and Nanjing of ChinaTan, Y.; Liu, X.; Hugo, G.; McLeman, R.; Schade, T.; Faist, T.
2018Exposure to violence and attitudes towards transitional justiceHall, J.; Kovras, I.; Stefanovic, D.; Loizides, N.
2013Extreme right-wing political violence and terrorismEate, P.
2005Facing the wild : ecotourism, conservation, and animal encountersBulbeck, M.
2017Factors influencing industrial carbon emissions and strategies for carbon mitigation in the Yangtze River Delta of ChinaXu, X.; Yang, G.; Tan, Y.; Zhuang, Q.; Tang, X.; Zhao, K.; Wang, S.
2011Factors influencing workplace supervisor readiness to engage in workplace-based vocational rehabilitationBlackman, Ian; Chiveralls, Keri Roslyn
2006Fairness versus choice: the contested discourses of Australian and UnAustralian values in the industrial relations debateMuir, K.; Paul Magee; UnAustralia: Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Annual Conference. (Dec 2006 : University of Canberra, ACT)
1998Family Farms in the Scottish Borders: A Practical Definition by Hill Sheep FarmersGray, J.
1995The 'family home' and transfers of wealth in AustraliaBadcock, Blair A.
2011Family stories and 'race' in Australian historyAllen, M.
2013Famine and migrationHugo, G.; Ness, I.
2012Farmers household information in Bangladesh: significant indicators for assessing vulnerability and adaptationYounus, M.A.
2008The Faroes grindradrĂ¡p or pilot whale hunt: the importance of its "traditional" status in debates with conservationistsBulbeck, M.; Bowdler, S.
2018Fat as productive: Enactments of fat in an Australian suburbZivkovic, T.; Warin, M.; Moore, V.; Ward, P.; Jones, M.
2019Fatness, obesity and disadvantage in the Australian suburbs: unpalatable politicsWarin, M.; Zivkovic, T.
1999The female face of illiteracy in ChinaBillard, Elizabeth Victoria