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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Economic orthodoxy and the East Asian crisisRosser, A.; Jayasuriya, K.
2009Economic Restructuring, Regional 'Visioning' and the Role of Universities: The Outcomes of an Automotive Plant Closure in Southern Adelaide, AustraliaBeer, A.; Thomas, H.; Farshchi, M.; Janne, O.; McCann, P.
2011Economic, social and civic contributions of first and second generation humanitarian entrantsHugo, G.J.; Vas Dev, S.; Wall, J.; Young, M.E.; Sharma, V.; Parker, K.; Department of Immigration and Citizenship
1995Economics : An Ecological CritiqueSmith, J.; Moore, E.
2015Economics of everyday cycling and cycling facilitiesSuh, J.; Bonham, J.; Johnson, M.
1996Economics of sacred art: The uses of a secret collection in the South Australian MuseumAnderson, Christopher
1996Economics, ecology and entropy: the second law of thermodynamics and the limits to growthSmith, J.; Smith, C.
2001Economies of speech and silenceSzorenyi, Anna Veronica
2018Ecosystem services trade-offs and determinants in China's Yangtze River Economic Belt from 2000 to 2015Xu, X.; Yang, G.; Tan, Y.; Liu, J.; Hu, H.
1995Editing identityWeiner, J.
1996EditorialMagarey, S.
2000EditorialAllen, M.
2000Editorial: Sexual Politics and Trade UnionsMuir, K.; Franzway, S.
1995Editorial: the new Social AnalysisWeiner, J.
2009EducationWright, P.; John Spoehr
1999EducationMather, Glenda Mary
2007Education and social change in China: Inequality in a market economyZhang, N.
2007Education for all in a global era? The social justice of Australian secondary school education in a risk societyBardsley, D.
2004Education for sustainability as the future of geography educationBardsley, D.
2000Education in Contemporary Japan: Inequality and Diversity / by Okano and TsuchiyaYoneyama, S.