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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Distinguishing natural and anthropogenic influences: A case study of Lake AlexandrinaBarnett, Elizabeth J.
2001Distributed process modeling for regional assessment of coastal vulnerability to sea-level riseBryan, B.; Harvey, N.; Belperio, A.; Bourman, R.
2008Distribution of modern diatom assemblages among small playasBoggs, D.; Gell, P.; Eliot, I.; Knott, B.
1996Diversity Downunder - the changing ethnic mosaic of Sydney and MelbourneHugo, G.
2012Divine horizons: religion and social class in the lives of two leading Australian women, Betty Archdale and Kylie TennantMichell, D.; Francis, R.; Grimshaw, P.; Standish, A.
2011DNA, Israel and the ancestors - substantiating connections through Christianity in Papua New GuineaDundon, A.
2013Does Buddhism have much to offer in terms of reduction in global CO₂ emissions? A panel data analysisSuh, J.
2018Does co-management facilitate adaptive capacity in times of environmental change? Insights from fisheries in AustraliaNursey-Bray, M.; Fidelman, P.; Owusu, M.
2017Does physical activity mediate the associations between local-area descriptive norms, built environment walkability, and glycosylated hemoglobin?Carroll, S.; Niyonsenga, T.; Coffee, N.; Taylor, A.; Daniel, M.
2002Doing it digitally: Rosalind Brodsky and the art of virtual female subjectivitySteffensen, Jyanni I.
2005Doing it for themselves - Transformative planning by Indigenous peoplesLane, Marcus B.; Hibbard, M.
2006Domestic Mandala: Architecture of Lifeworlds in NepalGray, J.
2007Domestic temporalities: sensual patterning in Persian migratory landscapesDennis, S.; Warin, M.
2003Donald Argyle Adamson: biologist, quaternary scientist, naturalist, explorerWilliams, M.
2012Donors, Neo-Liberalism and Country Ownership in Southeast AsiaRosser, A.; Robison, R.
2007Drag kinging: Embodied acts and acts of embodimentHanson, Julie Louise
2008Drama for development in Afghanistan: knowledge, power and participatory citizenship?Skuse, A.; Gillespie, M.; Culture and Citizenship. ESRC Annual Conference (4th : 2008 : Oxford, England)
2011Drama for Development: Cultural Translation and Social ChangeSkuse, A.; Gillespie, M.; Power, G.
2011Dramatising 'New Nepal'Skuse, A.; Wilmore, M.; Skuse, A.; Gillespie, M.; Power, G.
2011Drinkers, non-drinkers and deferrers: Reconsidering the beer/footy couplet amongst Australian Rules football fansThompson, K.; Palmer, C.; Raven, M.