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2014A grief that cannot be shared: continuing relationships with aborted foetuses in contemporary VietnamHeathcote, A.
2009A Guugu Yimmithir Bam Wii: Ngawiya and Girrbithi: Hunting, planning and management along the Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaNursey-Bray, M.
2011A history of aquatic plants in the Coorong, a Ramsar-listed coastal wetland, South AustraliaDick, J.; Haynes, D.; Tibby, J.; Garcia, A.; Gell, P.
1999A Labour Market in CrisisSpoehr, J.
2013A lake in time: histories of ParukuMahood, K.; Carty, J.; Morton, M.; Martin, M.; Mahood, K.; Carty, J.
2007A late glacial to present diatom record from Lake Euramoo, wet tropics of Queensland, AustraliaTibby, J.; Haberle, S.
2005A long term lake-salinity record and its relationships to Daphnia populationsBarry, M.; Tibby, J.; Tsitsilas, A.; Mason, B.; Kershaw, A.; Heijnis, H.
2020A matter of place: sensory and chemical characterisation of fine Australian Chardonnay and Shiraz wines of provenanceKustos, M.; Gambetta, J.M.; Jeffery, D.W.; Heymann, H.; Goodman, S.; Bastian, S.E.P.
2004A model for inferring past conductivity in low salinity waters derived from Murray River (Australia) diatom planktonTibby, J.; Reid, M.
2011A new dawn?: regions and regionalism in AustraliaBeer, A.
2006A new gender (dis)order? - Neoliberal restructuring in AustraliaBroomhill, R.; Sharp, R.; Laxer, G.; Soron, D.
2004A new global migration regimeHugo, G.
2015A new model of river dynamics, hydroclimatic change and human settlement in the Nile Valley derived from meta-analysis of the Holocene fluvial archiveMacklin, M.; Toonen, W.; Woodward, J.; Williams, M.; Flaux, C.; Marriner, N.; Nicoll, K.; Verstraeten, G.; Spencer, N.; Welsby, D.
2011A new subhaplogroup of native American Y-Chromosomes from the AndesJota, M.; Lacerda, D.; Sandoval, J.; Vieira, P.; Santos-Lopes, S.; Bisso-Machado, R.; Paixão-Cortes, V.; Revollo, S.; Paz-Y-Miño, C.; Fujita, R.; Salzano, F.; Bonatto, S.; Bortolini, M.; Santos, F.
2008A note on an Acheulian biface from Adrar Bous, Tenere Desert, south central Sahara, Republic of NigerWilliams, M.; Glasby, P.; Blackwood, J.
2016A participatory systemic approach to rural community development in VietnamHa, T.; Bosch, O.; Nguyen, N.
2007A philosophy of diversity for sustainable agricultural development: Responding to climate change by empowering peopleBardsley, D.
2013'A place of joy and woe': remapping Shanghai in Chen Danyan's Shanghai princessSchaffer, K.; Hornung, A.; Baisheng, Z.
2010A Pleistocene diatomite from the western piedmont of Jebel Marra volcano, Darfur, western Sudan, and its hydrological and climatic significancePhilibert, A.; Tibby, J.; Williams, M.
2002A population policy for South Australia?Hugo, G.