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2003Women, 'choice', work and family: some Australian evidencePocock, Barbara A.
2009Women, domestic and family violence and homelessness: putting housing back in the equationTually, S.; Faulkner, D.; Cutler, C.; Slatter, M.
2015Women, executive careers and local governmentJorgensen, B.; Martin, J.; Nursey-Bray, M.J.; Local Government Association
2008Women, health and housing assistance: Implications in an emerging era of housing provisionBaker, E.; Tually, S.
1998Women, Religion and Citizenship: IntersectionsAllen, M.; Holton, S.; MacKinnon, A.
2006Women, work and international migration in Southeast Asia: Trends, patterns and policyHugo, G.
1996The 'wool war' and the 'cotton chaos': fibre marketingWatson, A.; Zhang, X.; Lu, W.; Sun, K.; Findlay, C.
2001The word of a woman: Ngarrindjeri stories and a bridge to Hindmarsh IslandBell, Diane Robin
2003Work and care: the Australian responsePocock, Barbara A.; International Industrial Relations Association World Congress (13th : 2003 : Berlin, Germany)
1998The Work of Authenticity: Making Haitian Peasants in Martinican TheatreMurray, David Alexander Bruce
2001The work of kings. The new Buddhism in Sri LankaRoberts, M.
2005Work-life 'balance' in Australia: Limited progress, dim prospectsPocock, Barbara A.
2004Work-related fatality risks and neoclassical compensating wage differentialsPurse, K. G.
2005Work/care regimes: Institutions, culture and behaviour and the Australian casePocock, Barbara A.
2003The Work/Life collision - what work is doing to Australians and what to do about itPocock, Barbara A.
2005Workforce development strategies and older workers in AustraliaWindsor, L.; Spoehr, J.; Wright, P.; International Social Policy Conference: 'Transitions and risk - New directions in social policy' (2005 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2007Workforce planning in Australia: Concepts principles and current practiceSpoehr, J.; Carson, E.; Windsor, L.; Annual PERA Conference (14 Nov 2007 : Caloundra, Australia)
1996Working in ChinaO'Leary, Gregory Dominic
2005Working port or lifestyle port? A preliminary analysis of the Port Adelaide waterfront redevelopmentOakley, S.
2012Working to be worthy: shame and the Confucian technology of governingLin, D.