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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A study on vocational educational development in China from the perspective of vocational education history in the worldZhang, N.
2012A Study skills action plan: integrating self-regulated learning in a diverse higher education contextEnomoto, K.
2004Sturge, Matilda (1829–1903), Quaker minister and essayistAllen, M.
2001Submerging the People? Post-orientalism and the Construction of CommunalismRoberts, M.
2005Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into the post 2005 assistance arrangements for the automotive manufacturing sectorSpoehr, John Douglas; Ferris, Matthew; Morrison, Julian
2008Subtropical sea-level history from coral microatolls in the Southern Cook Islands, since 300 ADGoodwin, I.; Harvey, N.
2001Suburbanisation Vs reurbanisation: Population distribution changes in Australian citiesBaker, Emma Louise; Coffee, Neil Terence; Hugo, Graeme John
1999Success in defence: Union strategy and the 1998 Maritime DisputePocock, Barbara A.
2000Success, longevity, and failure of arid-land agriculture: Romano-Libyan floodwater farming in the Tripolitanian pre-desertGilbertson, David; Hunt, Chris; Gillmore, Gavin
2013Such comrades: Fred and Katie MartinAllen, M.
2002Sudan, 1973, Jebel et Tomat; Martin Williams and Donald Adamson, April 21, 2001Williams, Martin Anthony J.
2012A suddenly desirable demographic?: care leavers in higher educationMichell, D.
2007Suicide missions as witnessing: Expansions contrastsRoberts, M.
2017A survey of accessibility to Australia's Phase 2 Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs to patient barriersvan Gaans, D.; Tonkin, A.
1999Surviving in the global jungleBroomhill, R.
2015Sustainability through food and conversation: the role of an entrepreneurial restaurateur in fostering engagement with sustainable development issuesMoskwa, E.; Higgins-Desbiolles, F.; Gifford, S.
2005Sustainable housing paradigms? The impact of reforms on the social housing sector in South Australia and Northern IrelandBeer, A.; Paris, C.
1995Sustainable rural systems : introduction to a themeSmailes, P.
2013Sustaining China's media economy: tackling sensationalism and three dilemmasXie, B.; Gao, C.
2008Sustaining interest: teaching sustainabilityNursey-Bray, M.; Teaching Matters Annual Conference (7th : 2008 : Launceston, Tasmania)