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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Robust Encodings in Genetic AlgorithmsRonald, S.
2018Rock Art as Cultural Expressions of Social Relationships and KinshipBRADY, L.; BRADLEY, J.; Kearney, A.; DAVID, B.; MCNIVEN, I.
2006The role of planning in achieving indigenous land justice and community goalsLane, Marcus B.
1997The role of the State in the regulation of sexuality: the police and violence against lesbians and gay menBaird, Barbara
1998The Role of the Withdrawal Method in the control of AbortionRipper, Margaret Ruth; Ryan, Lyndall
1995Roles of Parents in Education, a perspective of an EducatorTran, t. N.
1995Roles of Parents in Education, Perspective of an EducatorTran, t. N.
1995Roles of Women in the Catholic ChurchNien, Tran thi
2010Romancing the chinese characters in classical Chinese poetry : Ezra Pound’s productive error from misinterpretation and its effect on his translation and poetryRicci, R.
2001Ronald and Catherine Berndt: An appreciationSutton, P.
2000Rural Livelihoods and the Environment at a Time of Uncertainty: The Situation Outside JavaPotter, Lesley Marianne
2017Rural migrants’ participation in old-age pension: a case study of the inter-provincial migrant workers from Sichuan province, ChinaChen, Y.; Tan, Y.; Zhang, Q.
2002Rural population density: its impact on social and demographic aspects of rural communitiesSmailes, P.; Argent, N.; Griffin, T.
1998Rural Reform: The Degrees of Freedom for the Post-Deng Leadership and the ConstraintsWatson, Andrew J.
2000Rural space in Scotland: from rural fundamentalism to rural developmentGray, J.
2005Rural women, displacement and the Three Gorges ProjectTan, Y.; Hugo, G.; Potter, L.
2009Rurality and rural space: the 'policy effect' of the Common Agricultural Policy in the Borders of ScotlandGray, J.; Merlan, F.; Raftery, D.
2003Sacred images and political engagements: a brief history of Wik sculptureSutton, P.
2003Sacred Land, Mineral Wealth, and Biodiversity at Coronation Hill, Northern Australia: indigenous knowledge and SIA.Lane, Marcus B.; Ross, H.; Dale, Allan P.; Rickson, R.
2006Safety in Numbers: A strategy for cycling?Bonham, J.; Cathcart, S.; Petkov, J.; Lumb, P.; Australasian Transport Research Forum (29th : 2006 : Gold Coast, Qld.)