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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Review of Peter Munz, philosophical DarwinismSmith, J.; Moore, E.
2004Review of transboundary environmental impact assessmentL a case study from the Timor GapPurnama, D.
1995Review of Virginia Abernethy, population politicsSmith, J.; Moore, E.
1995Review of work and healthBridge, Kennedy J.
1995Review of, ' Environmental Impact Assessment: Cutting edge for the 21st century' by A Gilpin, CUP, 1995 and 'Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment' by J Glasson, R Therivel and A Chadwick, UCL Press, 1994'Harvey, N.
2006Revisiting embodiment in contemporary social theory : elective cosmetic surgery-'reflexive self-control' or 'intimate troubles'Brooks, Ann Irene; Hawaii International Conference on Social Science (5th : 2006 : Honolulu, Hawaii)
2004Revisiting the situatedness of institutional urban management: the politics of urban policy in Australian Federal GovernanceOakley, S.; Beasley, C.; Hill, L.; Johnson, C.; McCarthy, G.; Macintyre, C.; Australasian Political Studies Association Conference (2004 : Adelaide, South Australia)
1995Ri Tsa-ho to hachiju nendai Chugoku gakujutshu shiso (Li Zehon and Chinese intellectual trends in the 1980's)Chan, Shiu-wah Sylvia
1999Riben Nengyue Xijian Yuanqi (Westernization and Stylization of Noh [Nuo] TheatreJin, Songping
2004The rise and rise of environmental NGOs: unforseen risks to democratic environmental governance in AustraliaMorrison, T. H.; Lane, Marcus B.; Australasian Political Studies Association Conference (2004 : Adelaide, South Australia); APSA 2004
2003Risk alleviation via in situ agrobiodiversity conservation: drawing from experiences in Switzerland, Turkey and NepalBardsley, D.
2003Risk analysis of possible environmental change and future crop production in South AustraliaLuo, Q.; Bellotti, W.; Bryan, B.; Williams, M.; Unkovich, M.; O'Leary, G.; Australian Agronomy Conference (11th : 2003 : Geelong, Vic.)
2008Risk and return: housing tenure and labour market adjustment after employment loss in the automotive sector in Southern AdelaideBeer, A.
2009Risk assessment and local government, Tasmania: Applying an interdisciplinary approach to climate change adaptationNursey-Bray, M.; Ferrier, T.
2009Risk management, neo-liberalism and coercion: the Asian Development Bank's approach to 'fragile states'Rosser, A.
2010River response to climate change in the tropics: a three hundred thousand year history of the NileWilliams, M.; Daniels, J.
2006River response to Quaternary climatic fluctuations: evidence from the Son and Belan valleys, north-central IndiaWilliams, M.; Pal, J.; Jaiswal, M.; Singhvi, A.
2012River sedimentsWilliams, M.
1997Robust Encodings in Genetic AlgorithmsRonald, S.
2018Rock Art as Cultural Expressions of Social Relationships and KinshipBRADY, L.; BRADLEY, J.; Kearney, A.; DAVID, B.; MCNIVEN, I.