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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Reform of the EIA process in Indonesia: improving the role of public involvementPurnama, D.
2012Refugee movement and development - Afghan refugees in IranHugo, G.; Abbasi-Shavazi, M.; Sadeghi, R.
2015Regime shifts, thresholds and multiple stable states in freshwater ecosystems; a critical appraisal of the evidenceCapon, S.; Lynch, A.; Bond, N.; Chessman, B.; Davis, J.; Davidson, N.; Finlayson, M.; Gell, P.; Hohnberg, D.; Humphrey, C.; Kingsford, R.; Nielsen, D.; Thomson, J.; Ward, K.; Nally, R.
2015Regional agricultural governance in peri-urban and rural South Australia: strategies to improve multifunctionalityFielke, S.; Bardsley, D.
1999Regional Community 'empowerment' and the competitive training marketLawrence, Kate
1997Regional disparities in rural developmentWatson, A.; Wu, H.; Findlay, C.
1992Regional economic structures in West AsiaTan, Y.
2004Regional migration: a new paradigm of international migrationHugo, Graeme John
2016Regional variation in social isolation amongst older AustraliansBeer, A.; Faulkner, D.; Law, J.; Lewin, G.; Tinker, A.; Buys, L.; Bentley, R.; Watt, A.; McKechnie, S.; Chessman, S.
2005Regionalised natural resource management in South Australia: prospects and challenges of the new regimeLane, Marcus B.; Cheers, B.; Morrison, T. H.
2006Regionalism and economic development: achieving an efficient frameworkBeer, A.; Brown, A.; Bellamy, J.
1997Regulating casualisation the dock labour schemeStratton, Simon
2012Regulating difference: population policy in the settler stateHugo, G.; Beilharz, P.; Hogan, T.
2004Regulatory failure in the management of South Korea's national parksSuh, J.
2000Reinventing Imperata: Revaluing Alang-Alang Grasslands in IndonesiaPotter, Lesley Marianne; Lee, J. L.; Thorburn, K. E.
2015Reinventing the self in academia: negotiating the intersections of class, race and genderPapadelos, P.; Michell, D.; Wilson, J.; Archer, V.
2014Relating experiences: regional and remote students in their first year at UniversityMaeorg, M.; Brook, H.; Fergie, D.; Maeorg, M.; Michell, D.
2015Relationships between string bag craft distributions, language and geographical distance in the upper Sepik and Border Mountains of Papua New GuineaFyfe, A.; Bolton, J.
2013Relative residential property value as a socio-economic status indicator for health researchCoffee, N.; Lockwood, T.; Hugo, G.; Paquet, C.; Howard, N.; Daniel, M.
2001Relative Sea-Level Change and Geologic Corrections to South Australian Tide Gauge RecordsBarnett, E.; Harvey, N.; Noye, J.; Grzechnik, M.