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2015Male labour migration, spousal communication, and STI treatment in ArmeniaSevoyan, A.; Agadjanian, V.
2017Managed temporary labour migration of Pacific Islanders to Australia and New Zealand in the early twenty-first centuryBedford, R.; Bedford, C.; Wall, J.; Young, M.
2002Management Implications of Exotic Dune Grasses on the Sir Richard Peninsula South AustraliaHilton, M.; Harvey, N.; Coast to Coast 2002 (4 Nov 2002 : Tweed Heads, NSW)
2005Management objectives and economic value of National Parks: Preservation conservation and development. Discussion paper No. 337, 19p.Suh, Jungho; Harrison, Steve
2016Management of coastal canal estates in Australia: challenges and opportunitiesStocker, L.; Harvey, N.; Metcalf, S.
2018Managerial career choices: evidence from South Australian local governmentJorgensen, B.; Martin, J.; Nursey-Bray, M.
2016Managing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander data for public health researchvan Gaans, D.; Ahmed, S.; D'Onise, K.; Taylor, S.; McDermott, R.
2001Managing an influenza pandemic in Australia using a spatial decisions support systemBryan, Brett Anthony; Australasian Urban & Regional Information Systems Association Conference (2001 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2007Managing distance: Rural poverty and the promise of communication in post-apartheid South AfricaSkuse, A.; Cousins, T.
2003Managing mobilization and migration of Southeast Asia’s populationHugo, G.
2005Managing the myth of ecotourism: A Queensland case studyPeace, A.
2004Managing transitions - The Chinese Communist Party, united front work, corporatism, and hegemonyGroot, G.
2001Manne's Generation: White nation responses to the Stolen Generation ReportSchaffer, K.
1996Many Industrial Troubles are due to the presence of Female Labour: the Women's Teachers Guild in South Australia 1937-42Whitehead, Kay
2015Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung) (1893-1976)Gao, C.; Cope, Z.; Ness, I.
2010Mao: the unknown story: An intellectual scandalGao, C.
2009Mao: the untold story - An intellectual scandalGao, C.; Gregor Benton
2004Maori internal and international migration at the turn of the century: An Australasian perspectiveBedford, R.; Didham, R.; Ho, E.; Hugo, G.
2009Mapping community values for natural capital and ecosystem servicesRaymond, C.; Bryan, B.; MacDonald, D.; Mac Rae, A.; Strathearn, S.; Grandgirard, A.; Kalivas, T.
2020Mapping geographical inequalities in oral rehydration therapy coverage in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000–17Wiens, K.E.; Lindstedt, P.A.; Blacker, B.F.; Johnson, K.B.; Baumann, M.M.; Schaeffer, L.E.; Abbastabar, H.; Abd-Allah, F.; Abdelalim, A.; Abdollahpour, I.; Abegaz, K.H.; Abejie, A.N.; Abreu, L.G.; Abrigo, M.R.M.; Abualhasan, A.; Accrombessi, M.M.K.; Acharya, D.; Adabi, M.; Adamu, A.A.; Adebayo, O.M.; et al.