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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Hominin introgression in Island Southeast Asia and SahulTeixeira, J.C.; 89th Annual Meeting of the American-Association-of-Physical-Anthropologists (AAPA) as published in American Journal of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (15 Apr 2020 - 18 Apr 2020 : Los Angeles, CA)
2008Homocysteine and Depression in Later LifeAlmeida, O.; McCall, K.; Hankey, G.; Norman, P.; Jamrozik, K.; Flicker, L.
1996Homosexuality, society and the state: an ethnography of sublime resistance in MartiniqueMurray, David Alexander Bruce
2010Honeyed tongues and hostile intimacy: Engaging trauma across migrant worldsDennis, S.; Warin, M.
2008House, health and changing place: exploring the mental health effects of movingBaker, E.; Bentley, R.; ANZRSAI/ARCRNSISS Conference (2008 : Adelaide, South Australia)
1995The Householder's World: purity, power and dominance in a Nepali villageGray, J.
2007Housing affordability and planning in Australia: the challenge of policy under neo-liberalismBeer, A.; Kearins, B.; Pieters, H.
2016Housing affordability and residential mobility as drivers of locational inequalityBaker, E.; Bentley, R.; lester, L.; Beer, A.
2011Housing affordability for disadvantaged groups: practical solutions?Faulkner, D.
2007Housing and Health: Examining the Impacts of Generational Housing Reform on Vulnerable Urban HouseholdsBaker, E.; State of Australian Cities Conference (3rd : 2007 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)
2009Housing assistance and the life course: Comparing the effects of three interventionsRaftery, P.; Beer, A.; Baker, E.; Wood, G.; Regional Studies Association Winter Conference (2009 : London, UK)
2010Housing assistance, social inclusion and people with disabilitiesTually, S.; Beer, A.
2008The housing careers of people with a disability and carers of people with a disabilityBeer, Andrew; Faulkner, Deborah Robyn
2007Housing factors in welfare migration to and from metropolitan cities in AustraliaBurnley, I.; Marshall, N.; Murphy, P.; Hugo, G.
2012Housing governanceBeer, A.; Susan Smith
2010Housing implications of economic, social and spatial changeFlood, J.; Baker, E.; AHURI
2009Housing implications of economic, social, and spatial change - key issuesFlood, J.; Baker, E.; Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)
2019Housing implications of individual budget home care models for older renters: an Australian case studyCornell, V.
2008Housing implications of social, spatial and structural change-key issuesFlood, J.; Baker, E.; Australasian Housing Researchers' Conference (3rd : 2008 : Melbourne, Australia)
2016Housing tenure and affordability and mental health following disability acquisition in adulthoodKavanagh, A.; Aitken, Z.; Baker, E.; LaMontagne, A.; Milner, A.; Bentley, R.