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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The £10bn sale of shares in PPP companies: new source of profits for banks and buildersWhitfield, D.
200914 May 1986: Paul Keating's 'banana republic' statement and the end of the 'golden age'Broomhill, R.
2005The 14th Biennial Japanese Studies Association of Australia ConferenceJain, P.
2018A 1500 year record of river discharge inferred from fluvial-marine sediments in the Australian subtropicsCoates-Marnane, J.; Olley, J.; Tibby, J.; Burton, J.; Haynes, D.; Kemp, J.
19951980 nendai Chugoku bunkadai ni okuru Ri Tsa-ho no Koken (Li Zehan's contributions to Chinese Culture in the 1980's)Chan, Shiu-wah Sylvia
1997The 1996 General Election: Status Quo or Step Forward?Jain, P.; Todhunter, M.
20022001 Australian CensusHugo, Graeme John
20062006 Budget. Not necessarily plain sailing to the LodgeSpoehr, John Douglas
20122012 Migration update reportHugo, G.; Migration Update Conference (2012 : Adelaide, South Australia)
200621st century housing careers and Australia's future: literature reviewBeer, A.; Faulkner, D.; Gabriel, M.
200921st century housing careers and Australia's housing futureBeer, A.; Faulkner, D.
2017A 25,000-year record of environmental change from Welsby Lagoon, North Stradbroke Island, in the Australian subtropicsBarr, C.; Tibby, J.; Moss, P.; Halverson, G.; Marshall, J.; McGregor, G.; Stirling, E.
2012The ~73 ka Toba super-eruption and its impact: history of a debateWilliams, M.
2019Abiotic degradation of highly branched isoprenoid alkenes and other lipids in the water column off East AntarcticaRontani, J.; Smik, L.; Belt, S.; Vaultier, F.; Armbrecht, L.; Leventer, A.; Armand, L.
1994Aboriginal Australia, 1788-the present: Dreamings and nightmaresSackett, L.
2001Aboriginal country groups and 'the Community of Native Title Holders'Sutton, Peter John
2001Aboriginal languagesAmery, R.
2006Abrupt return of the summer monsoon 15,000 years ago: new supporting evidence from the lower White Nile valley and Lake AlbertWilliams, M.; Talbot, M.; Aharon, P.; Salaam, Y.; Williams, F.; Brendeland, K.
2005Academia's own demographic time-bombHugo, G.
2013The acceptability of climate change in agricultural communities: Comparing responses across variability and changeRaymond, C.; Spoehr, J.