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2020Indigenous knowledge in a postgenomic landscape: the politics of epigenetic hope and reparation in AustraliaWarin, M.; Kowal, E.; Meloni, M.
2020Anthropologists Respond to The Lancet EAT CommissionNutrire CoLab; Burnett, D.; Carney, M.A.; Carruth, L.; Chard, S.; Dickinson, M.; Gálvez, A.; Garth, H.; Hardin, J.; Hite, A.; Howard, H.; Manderson, L.; Mendenhall, E.; Saldaña-Tejeda, A.; Simmons, D.; Valdez, N.; Vasquez, E.; Warin, M.; Yates-Doerr, E.
2020Remittance Investment Climate analysis: framework and methods to ascertain the local development potential of overseas remittancesOpiniano, J.; Ang, A.
2020Possible economic impacts of falling oil prices, the pandemic, and the looming global recession onto overseas Filipinos and their remittancesAng, A.; Opiniano, J.
2020The 'new' Philippine future "beside" the exodusOpiniano, J.
2020‘Co-creating meeting spaces’: feminist ethnographic fieldwork in BangladeshWilliams, S.; Drew, G.
2020Embodiment as a paradigm for understanding and treating SE-AN: Locating the self in cultureMusolino, C.; Warin, M.; Gilchrist, P.
2020A matter of place: sensory and chemical characterisation of fine Australian Chardonnay and Shiraz wines of provenanceKustos, M.; Gambetta, J.; Jeffery, D.; Heymann, H.; Goodman, S.; Bastian, S.
2020'No, we vote for whoever we want to': young British Muslims making new claims on citizenship amidst ongoing forms of marginalisationManning, N.; Akhtar, P.
2019Abiotic degradation of highly branched isoprenoid alkenes and other lipids in the water column off East AntarcticaRontani, J.; Smik, L.; Belt, S.; Vaultier, F.; Armbrecht, L.; Leventer, A.; Armand, L.
2019Housing implications of individual budget home care models for older renters: an Australian case studyCornell, V.
2019Fatness, obesity and disadvantage in the Australian suburbs: unpalatable politicsWarin, M.; Zivkovic, T.
2019Identifying ecological red lines in China's Yangtze River Economic Belt: a regional approachXu, X.; Yang, G.; Tan, Y.
2019Interculturalism and responsive reflexivity in a settler colonial contextKearney, A.
2019Public open space exposure measures in Australian health research: a critical review of the literatureLamb, K.; Mavoa, S.; Coffee, N.; Parker, K.; Richardson, E.; Thornton, L.
2019Climate change in Nepal: a comprehensive analysis of instrumental data and people's perceptionsShrestha, U.; Shrestha, A.; Aryal, S.; Shrestha, S.; Gautam, M.; Ojha, H.
2019Development of a spreadsheet-based model for transient groundwater modellingAnkor, M.; Tyler, J.
2019Development of an autonomous, monthly and daily, rainfall sampler for isotope researchAnkor, M.; Tyler, J.; Hughes, C.
2019Redmap Australia: challenges and successes with a large-scale citizen science-based approach to ecological monitoring and community engagement on climate changePecl, G.; Stuart-Smith, J.; Walsh, P.; Bray, D.; Kusetic, M.; Burgess, M.; Frusher, S.; Gledhill, D.; George, O.; Jackson, G.; Keane, J.; Martin, V.; Nursey-Bray, M.; Pender, A.; Robinson, L.; Rowling, K.; Sheaves, M.; Moltschaniwskyj, N.
2019Applying the techniques of neutralization to the study of cybercrimeBrewer, R.; Fox, S.; Miller, C.