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dc.contributor.authorWilson, D.-
dc.contributor.authorPaton, D.-
dc.identifier.citationEmu: austral ornithology, 2004; 104(1):37-43-
dc.description© CSIRO 2004-
dc.description.abstractFloristic and structural characteristics of vegetation inhabited by Southern Emu-wrens, Stipiturus malachurus, were examined for three geographically isolated subspecies in South Australia. Of the 47 plant species recorded in quadrats, 29 of these (61%) occurred in the habitat of a single subspecies. Structurally, there were no significant differences between habitats used by the three subspecies; however, some trends were apparent. All three subspecies used dense habitat; however, S. m. intermedius (Southern Mount Lofty Ranges) used habitat that, on average, was denser than habitats used by S. m. polionotum (Coorong) or S. m. halmaturinus (Kangaroo Island). Habitat used by all subspecies was most dense at ground level and decreased with height. S. m. intermedius used two distinct vegetation types (swamp and dry-heath) that were floristically, but not structurally, different. The habitat at Cox Scrub Conservation Park (CP), where S. m. intermedius existed prior to a wildfire in 1983, was neither floristically nor structurally different from that currently inhabited by S. m. intermedius. The continued absence of S. m. intermedius from Cox Scrub CP reflects its limited dispersal ability. Since the habitat is extensive, Cox Scrub CP would be a suitable translocation site for S. m. intermedius. Successful translocation would greatly reduce the risk of a single fire event eliminating a substantial proportion of the remaining population of S. m. intermedius.-
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityDavid Wilson and David C. Paton-
dc.publisherC S I R O Publishing-
dc.titleHabitat use by the Southern Emu-wren, Stipiturus malachurus (Aves : Maluridae), in South Australia, and evaluation of vegetation at a potential translocation site for S-m. intermedius-
dc.typeJournal article-
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