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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The identification of aluminium-resistance genes provides opportunities for enhancing crop production on acid soilsRyan, P.; Tyerman, S.; Sasaki, T.; Furuichi, T.; Yamamoto, Y.; Zhang, W.; Delhaize, E.
2001Malate-permeable channels and cation channels activated by aluminum in the apical cells of wheat rootsZhang, W.; Ryan, P.; Tyerman, S.
2014Ethylene negatively regulates aluminium-induced malate efflux from wheat roots and tobacco cells transformed with TaALMT1Tian, Q.; Zhang, X.; Ramesh, S.; Gilliham, M.; Tyerman, S.; Zhang, W.
2001Role of membrane transport in phloem translocation of assimilates and waterPatrick, J.; Zhang, W.; Tyerman, S.; Offler, C.; Walker, N.
2002Nonselective currents and channels in plasma membranes of protoplasts from coats of developing seeds of beanZhang, W.; Skerrett, M.; Walker, N.; Patrick, J.; Tyerman, S.
2007Review: Nutrient loading of developing seedsZhang, W.; Zhou, Y.; Dibley, K.; Tyerman, S.; Furbank, R.; Patrick, J.
2008Characterization of the TaALMT1 protein as an Al³⁺-activated anion channel in transformed tobacco (Nicotiana Tabacum L.) cellsZhang, W.; Ryan, P.; Sasaki, T.; Yamamoto, Y.; Sullivan, W.; Tyerman, S.
2004Citrate-permeable channels in the plasma membrane of cluster roots from white lupinZhang, W.; Ryan, P.; Tyerman, S.
2004Pulsing Cl⁻ channels in coat cells of developing bean seeds linked to hypo-osmotic turgor regulationZhang, W.; Walker, N.; Patrick, J.; Tyerman, S.
2007Actin filaments modulate hypoosmotic-responsive K+ efflux channels in specialised cells of developing bean seed coatsZhang, W.; Patrick, J.; Tyerman, S.