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2005Brassica napus plants infected by Leptosphaeria maculans after the third to fifth leaf growth stage in south-eastern Australia do not develop blackleg stem cankerMarcroft, S.; Sosnowski, M.; Scott, E.; Ramsey, M.; Salisbury, P.; Howlett, B.
2017Developing pruning wound protection strategies for managing Eutypa diebackAyres, M.; Wicks, T.; Scott, E.; Sosnowski, M.
2007Intraspecific variation of Rhizoctonia solani AG 3 isolates recovered from potato fields in Central Iran and South AustraliaBalali, G.; Neate, S.; Kasalkheh, A.; Stodart, B.; Melanson, D.; Scott, E.
1995Anastomosis group and pathogenicity of isolates of Rhizoctonia solani from potato crops in South AustraliaBalali, G.; Neate, S.; Scott, E.; Whisson, D.; Wicks, T.
1996DNA fingerprinting probe specific to isolates of Rhizoctonia solani AG-3Balali, G.; Whisson, D.; Scott, E.; Neate, S.
2007Genetic variation and pathogenicity of anastomosis group 2 isolates of Rhizoctonia solani in AustraliaStodart, B.; Harvey, P.; Neate, S.; Melanson, D.; Scott, E.
2006Black Aspergillus species in Australian vineyards: From soil to ochratoxin A in wineLeong, S.; Hocking, A.; Pitt, J.; Kazi, B.; Emmett, R.; Scott, E.; Proceedings of the International Workshop on Food Mycology (15 Oct 2003 - 19 Oct 2003 : Samso)
2006The role of Diaporthe perjuncta in delayed budburst and death of grapevine budsRawnsley, B.; Wicks, T.; Stummer, B.; Scott, E.
2002Effect of method of application on antifungal efficacy of citral against postharvest spoilage fungi of citrus in cultureKlieber, A.; Scott, E.; Wuryatmo, E.
2005The effect of foliar-applied Ca and Si on the severity of powdery mildew in two strawberry cultivars.Palmer, S.; Scott, E.; Stangoulis, J.; Able, A.