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2000Trichoderma harzianum T39 and T. virens DAR 74290 as potential biological control agents for Phytophthora erythrosepticaEtebarian, H.; Scott, E.; Wicks, T.
2003Inhibition of citrus postharvest pathogens by vapor of citral and related compounds in cultureWuryatmo, E.; Klieber, A.; Scott, E.
2008Colonisation of grapevine wood by Trichoderma harzianum and Eutypa lataJohn, S.; Wicks, T.; Hunt, J.; Scott, E.
2005Effects of powdery mildew on the sensory properties and composition of Chardonnay juice and wine when grape sugar ripeness is standardisedStummer, B.; Francis, I.; Zanker, T.; Lattey, K.; Scott, E.
2004The effect of Uncinula necator (powdery mildew) and Botrytis cinerea infection of grapes on the levels of haze-forming pathogenisis-related protiens in grape juice and wineGirbau, T.; Stummer, B.; Pocock, K.; Baldock, G.; Scott, E.; Waters, E.
2004Reduced sensitivity of Uncinula necator to sterol demethylation inhibiting fungicides in southern Australian vineyardsSavocchia, S.; Stummer, B.; Wicks, T.; Van Heeswijck, R.; Scott, E.
2003The effect of powdery mildew infection of grape berries on juice and wine composition and on sensory properties of Chardonnay winesStummer, B.; Francis, I.; Markides, A.; Scott, E.
2004Diaporthe perjuncta does not cause phomopsis cane and leaf spot disease of grapevine in AustraliaRawnsley, B.; Wicks, T.; Scott, E.; Stummer, B.
2007Genetic variation in Australian isolates of the grapevine pathogen Eutypa lataLardner, R.; Scott, E.; Stummer, B.
2007Aspergillus species producing ochratoxin A: isolation from vineyard soils and infection of Semillon bunches in AustraliaLeong, S.; Hocking, A.; Scott, E.