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2018Soil ecological criteria for nickel as a function of soil propertiesWang, X.; Wei, D.; Ma, Y.; McLaughlin, M.
2011Solubility and batch retention of CeO₂ nanoparticles in soilsCornelis, G.; Ryan, B.; McLaughlin, M.; Kirby, J.; Beak, D.; Chittleborough, D.
2011Cadmium solubility in paddy soils: Effects of soil oxidation, metal sulfides and competitive ionsde Livera, J.; McLaughlin, M.; Hettiarachchi, G.; Kirby, J.; Beak, D.
2011Influences of soil properties and leaching on nickel toxicity to barley root elongationLi, B.; Zhang, H.; Ma, Y.; McLaughlin, M.
2010Land application of sewage sludge (biosolids) in Australia: risks to the environment and food cropsPritchard, D.; Penney, N.; McLaughlin, M.; Rigby, H.; Schwarz, K.
2010Effect of water treatment residuals on soil phosphorus, copper and aluminium availability and toxicityLombi, E.; Stevens, D.; McLaughlin, M.
2014Copper isotope fractionation during equilibration with natural and synthetic ligandsRyan, B.; Kirby, J.; Degryse, F.; Scheiderich, K.; McLaughlin, M.
2014A method to determine silver partitioning and lability in soilsSettimio, L.; McLaughlin, M.; Kirby, J.; Langdon, K.
2014Effects of the commercial antiandrogen flutamide on the biomarkers of reproduction in male Murray rainbowfish (Melanotaenia fluviatilis)Bhatia, H.; Kumar, A.; Ogino, Y.; Du, J.; Gregg, A.; Chapman, J.; McLaughlin, M.; Iguchi, T.
2012Crop residue phosphorus: speciation and potential bio-availabilityNoack, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Smernik, R.; McBeath, T.; Armstrong, R.