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2015Environmental factors and seasonality affect the concentration of rotundone in Vitis vinifera L. cv. Shiraz wineZhang, P.; Howell, K.; Krstic, M.; Herderich, M.; Barlow, E.; Fuentes, S.
2011The frustration with utilization: why have improvements in internal phosphorus utilization efficiency in crops remained so elusive?Rose, T.; Rose, M.; Pariasca-Tanaka, J.; Heuer, S.; Wissuwa, M.
2012Approaches towards nitrogen and phosphorus efficient riceVinod, K.; Heuer, S.
2015Factors affecting the measurement of soil pH buffer capacity: approaches to optimize the methodsWang, X.; Tang, C.; Mahony, S.; Baldock, J.; Butterly, C.
2016A comparative gene analysis with rice identified orthologous group II HKT genes and their association with Na⁺ concentration in bread wheatAriyarathna, H.; Oldach, K.; Francki, M.
2017A partially purified outer membrane protein VirB9-1 for low-cost nanovaccines against Anaplasma marginaleZhao, L.; Cavallaro, A.; Wibowo, D.; Zhang, B.; Zhang, J.; Mitter, N.; Yu, C.; Zhao, C.; Middelberg, A.
2016Response of soil microfauna to tillage methods and cropping systems in humic nitosols of Eastern KenyaMicheni, A.N.; Kanampiu, F.K.; Mburu, D.M.; Mugai, E.N.; Kitonyo, O.M.
2014Synthesis of allo-and epi-inositol via the NHC-catalyzed carbocyclization of carbohydrate-derived dialdehydesStockton, K.; Greatrex, B.; Taylor, D.
2014Nutrient variability in phloem: examining changes in K, Mg, Zn and Fe concentration during grain loading in common wheat (Triticum aestivum)Palmer, L.; Palmer, L.; Rutzke, M.; Graham, R.; Stangoulis, J.
2014A microtensiometer capable of measuring water potentials below -10 MPaPagay, V.; Santiago, M.; Sessoms, D.; Huber, E.; Vincent, O.; Pharkya, A.; Corso, T.; Lakso, A.; Stroock, A.