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2003Yang-Mills connections on U(n)-bundles over compact Riemann surfacesLawrence, Peter Ernst
2009Yankunytjatjara continuity and change: a linguistic ecology of the Yankunytjatjara language, with particular emphasis on Coober [Cooper] Pedy, South Australia.Naessan, Petter
1995Yeast pyruvate carboxylase 2 gene (PYC2) and structure-function studies on yeast pyc isozymes / by Dale Lloyd Henry Val.Val, Dale Lloyd Henry
2013'Yet we are told that Australians do not sympathise with Ireland': a study of South Australian support for Irish Home Rule, 1883 to 1912.Breen, Fidelma E.M.
2020Yoga as an intervention for anxiety in children and adolescents: A meta-analysisCroft, Alana
2017You can’t be a feminist and be a daughter-in-law: negotiations of honour and womanhood in urban NepalHoman, Sarah Faye Eliza
2009'You can’t make owt from nowt': official responses to the impact of unemployment upon the community in the Lancashire weaving area in the early 1930s.Hall, Ellen
2002Young people's health in Australia in the 1980s : a social history / Judith Peppard.Peppard, Judith
2016Young, non-student workers in casual employment: a core-periphery examination of health outcomesMatthews, Natalie Kojima
2013Yūba : making modern youth, making new Nepal.Greenland, Natalie
2008Zebrafish as a model of genetic disease.Tucker, Ben
1995The zebrafish Danio rerio : a piscine model for biotechnology / Paul John Verma.Verma, Paul John
1975The `Zeitroman' from 1830-1900 / by Roger Hillman.Hillman, Roger
1958Zinc and copper deficiency in plantsRiceman, David Stirling
2012Zinc and genomic stability.Sharif, Razinah
1996Zinc as a subsoil nutrient for cereals / by R.E. Holloway.Holloway, R. E. (Robert Edgcumbe)
1986Zinc deficiency and the developing embryo / by Ian R. RecordRecord, Ian Ronald
2012Zinc oxide nanoparticles in the soil environment : dissolution, speciation, retention and bioavailability.Milani, Narges
1999Zinc, cadmium and mercury 1,1-dithiolates / a thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Michael Jason Cox.Cox, Michael Jason
2012Zircon Lu-Hf constraints on recently proposed models for the tectonic assembly of Proterozoic central AustraliaThomas, C. M.