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1973W.T. McCoy and his directorship of Education in South Australia 1919-1929Richards, William George
1996"Wading the river by feeling for rocks" : China's trade unions and workers in the current reform processWang, Hong
2018Waiting for Chronic Pain Treatment: Impact on Patients and Considerations for Tertiary ServicesBurke, Anne Louise Jane
1999Waldorf teacher education: the implications for teacher education of Rudolf Steiner's educational philosophy and its practice in Waldorf schoolsMazzone, Alduino
2012Walking wounded : cinematic representations of masculine, post-modern anxiety in the urban space.Eate, Penelope
1967Walter Pater : Abstraction and abstractionismConverse, William Rawson Mackenzie
1975Walter Pater as critic of Renaissance cultureDolan, David Sutton
2018Wanbel: Conflict, Reconciliation and Personhood among the Sam People, Madang ProvinceTroolin, David Eric
1968War service land settlement in South Australia : an account of the schemes, policies and adminstrative arrangements after two World WarsLe Lacheur, Hellier
2009War, politics and morality : the Spanish Catholic church and World War II.Varley, Gerald
1998Warrabarna Kaurna : reclaiming Aboriginal languages from written historical sources : Kaurna case study / Rob Amery.Amery, Robert Maxwell
2017Was Earth really a snowball? Detailed facies analysis and 3D modelling of the Elatina Formation, Pichi Richi Pass, Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaVirgo, G. M.
1972Water and electrolyte balance in the agamid lizard, Amphibolurus maculosus (Mitchell), and the structure and function of the nasal salt gland of the sleepy lizard, Trachydosaurus rugosus (Gray)Braysher, Michael Leonard
1969Water and electrolyte balance in the sand goanna Varanus gouldii (Gray)Green, Brian Frank
2013Water balance and the influence of temporal factors on final covers for landfill closure.Salt, Melissa R.
2014Water distribution system optimization using metamodelsBroad, Darren Ross
1968Water flux and ion uptake by wheat seedlingsShearer, Robert Clifford
1977Water in the ecophysiology of pigsYang, T.S.
1997Water regime and the aquatic vegetation of Bool Lagoon, South Australia / by Marcus David Brownlow.Brownlow, Marcus D.
1996Water relations of acacia with special emphasis on osmotic adjustment / by Beth Paul Naiola.Naiola, Beth Paul