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2010U-Pb detrital zircon, geochemical and Nd isotope constraints on sedimentary provenance of the Chewings Range Quartzite, Warumpi Province, Arunta Region, NTTrestrail, J. L.
2018U-Pb geochronology & geochemistry of apatite within the Marshall Shear Zone of the Ernest Henry Deposit, NW QueenslandGriffin, A.
2017U-Pb geochronology and trace element analysis of apatite and calcite from Ernest Henry.Cave, B. W.
1975The Ukaparinga schist : a copper-bearing biotite schist near Williamstown, South AustraliaJones, David Garred
1967Ulltraviolet absorption cross-sections for atmospheric gasesHaddad, Gerald Neil
2009Ultra-high energy particle detection with the lunar Cherenkov technique.James, Clancy William
1971An ultracentrifuge study of self-associating protein systemsFennell, David John
2015Ultrafast spectroscopy and drug delivery of the medicinal pigment curcumin in molecular assemblies.Harada, Takaaki
2015Ultrahigh temperature metamorphism: testing models for collision vs extensionGreenslade, M. M.
1955Ultrasonic degradation of vinyl polymers / by H.W.W. Brett.Brett, Horace William Walter; Jellinek, Hans Helmut Gunter
1974An ultrasonic image-forming system for ionospheric studies / by N.E HolmesHolmes, Nigel Eric
1984Ultrastructural and immunochemical studies of elastin-associated microfibrils / by Ian W. ProsserProsser, Ian W. (Ian William)
1994Ultrastructural localization and quantitation of basal lamina laminin and type IV collagen in normal rat tongue mucosa and induced oral carcinomas / De-Jun Jiang.Jiang, De-Jun
1990An ultrastructural study of vascular endothelial junctions in normal and tensioned rat periodontal ligamentChintakanon, Kanoknart
1978The ultrastructure of blood vessels in the periodontal ligament ofhuman maxillary first premolar teethGilchrist, Donald Richard
1973Ultraviolet aurora and airglowO'Conner, Graham Geoffrey
2008Ultraviolet disinfection kinetics for potable water production.Amos, Steve A.
2019Ultrawideband and Multi-state Reconfigurable Antennas with Sum and Difference Radiation PatternsMalakooti, Seyedali
2011The (UN) critical school teacher: three lessons about teacher engagement work with marginalised students in neoliberal times.Bills, Andrew Maynard.
2006Uncertainty analysis methods for multi-criteria decision analysis.Hyde, Kylie Marie