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2003QoS enabled IP based wireless networking : design, modelling and performance analysisGyasi-Agyei, Amoakoh
2008Quadrals and their associated subspaces.Butler, David Keith
1987A qualitative analysis of radio news in AustraliaFulcher, Helen Margaret
1997Qualitative and quantitative analysis of saliva in a group of HIV infected individualsCoates, Elizabeth A.
2019A Qualitative Exploration of Individuals Preferences, Expectations, Lived Experiences and Satisfaction with Treatment for DepressionFunnell, Sarah
2020A qualitative study of healthcare workers' and patients' perspectives on changing the model of care from outpatient to in-home for the infusion of natalizumabJuaton, Mahasen
2013A qualitative study of medication adherence amongst people with schizophrenia.Clifford, Lucinda Jane
2016Quality assurance in Ghanaian polytechnics: perspectives and strategies of rectors, vice rectors and quality assurance officersSwanzy, Patrick
2018Quality of Care in Family Planning Services in EthiopiaTessema, Gizachew Assefa
2019Quality of evidence used for the management of antimicrobial resistance in Australian animalsBadger, Skye Michelle
1968Quality of general practice : epidemiological studies, 1961-67Last, John Murray
2013The quality of Husserlian phenomenological research in the health sciences: a methodological review.Tufanaru, Catalin
2018Quality of Life in Children and Young People with Cerebral Palsy: A Meta-analytic ReviewMakris, Tina Marie
2020Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis: A Meta-analytic ReviewPedram Khou, Maryam
2007Quality potential of gluten proteins in hexaploid wheat and related species.Appelbee, Maria-Jane
2015The quality, type and time spent in child care in the first three years of life and children’s cognitive and socio-emotional development at school entryGialamas, Angela
1997Quantification of exhumation in the Cooper-Eromanga Basins, Australia / Angelos Mavromatidis.Mavromatidis, Angelos
1992The quantification of facial expression using a mathematical model of the face : validation and extension of a microcomputer-based technique / Mary KatsikitisKatsikitis, Mary
2019Quantification of Linear and Non-Linear Flow Behaviours in a Rock Fracture with Complex Void GeometryWang, Zhihe
1997Quantification of rhe belowground inputs of organic carbon by the annual pasture legume barrel medic (Medicago truncatula Gaertn.)Crawford, Michael Cameron