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2006The P(Lover) paradox: a fictocritical poetics of detection.Prosser, Rosslyn Winifred
1998P53 and ki-67 (MIB-1) expression in odontogenic keratocystsRahmadsyah, Adi
1979Packet speech interpolation in mobile telephone systemsEllershaw, John Charles
2014PACU nurses & postoperative pain : A focused ethnographyNayar, Priya Susan
2017Paediatric ear, nose, and throat surgery: incidence patterns and parental experiencesStephens, Jacqueline Heather
2013Paediatric sleep-disordered breathing and orthodontics.Katyal, Vandana
2020The Paganini Caprices, their techniques and performance problems: a study on twelve Caprices with supporting video and audio recordingsMelrose, Madeline Leah
2018Painting a Picture of the Ovarian Cancer N-GlycomeBriggs, Matthew Thomas
2008Painting the war: the intentions and motivations of the official Australian War Art Scheme of the First World WarHutchison, Margaret Venz
2020Paired Impulse Response Function and Layer-Peeling Method for Anomaly Detection and Condition Assessment of PipelinesZeng, Wei
2017Palaeo and in-situ stress analysis of the Perth Basin: implications for subsurface fluid flow.Stark, A. B. T.
2008Palaeo- to Mesoproterozoic evolution of the Gawler Craton, Australia: geochronological, geochemical and isotopic constraints.Payne, Justin L.
2014Palaeoclimatology potential of the Australian floodplain mussel, Velesunio ambiguusDay, S. K.
2018A palaeoecological investigation of the small vertebrate mammals of Fossil Chamber, Victoria Fossil Cave, Naracoorte, SAButter, A. R.
2010Palaeoecology and population demographics of the extinct New Zealand moa (Aves: Dinornithiformes).Rawlence, Nicolas James
2019Palaeoecology of Ediacaran communities from the Flinders Ranges of South AustraliaCoutts, Felicity Janet
1996A palaeoenvironmental analysis of the ostrocod fauna of the Early Middle Miocene Morgan Limestone and Cadell Marl, Murray Basin, South AustraliaMcHenry, B.J.
2015The palaeoenvironmental context of Neoproterozoic carbon-isotope excursionsKlaebe, Robert Matthew
2019Palaeoenvironmental proxy development and application of leaf wax n-alkanes in AustraliaHoward, Siân
2014Palaeogeographic mapping and depositional trends of the Patchawarra Formation within the Tenappera Region, Cooper BasinKobelt, Sam J.