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1993N-3 fatty acids, eicosanoids and control of inflammation / by Joanna Susan HawkesHawkes, Joanna Susan
2002n-3 PUFAs and reperfusion injury in isolated cardiomyocytes / Anisa Jahangiri.Jahangiri, Anisa
1959The Nairne sulfide deposit, Nairne, South AustraliaLaGanza, Richard F.
1996Naming the unmentionable : lesbian domestic violenceThompson, Jan
2015Nano-engineered titanium implants for complex bone therapiesGulati, Karan
2010Nano-photocatalytic mineralization and disinfection for water reclamation: from catalyst engineering to process optimization and modelling.Chong, Meng Nan
2013Nanodiamond in optical fibre.Henderson, Matthew Ryan
2017Nanoengineered titanium as protein-releasing implants: a molecular adjunct to reduce craniofacial surgeryBariana, Manpreet
2015Nanoporous layered graphene hydrogel for controlled drug deliveryValizadeh Kiamahalleh, Meisam
2012Nanoscale imaging of the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, USA: Organic matter preservation as clay-organic nanocompositesFraser, S. A.
1999Nanyang Hua Chi'ao to Malaysian Chinese: the emergence of a new Chinese identity in MalaysiaNg, Sau Foong
1991Narrative boundaries, national horizons : the politics of identity in Amaya, Maluku Tenggara, Indonesia / by Sandra N. PannellPannell, Sandra N. (Sandra Norma)
2017Narrative recall in an investigative interview: insight into witness metacognitionFontaine, Elizabeth Leonora
2008The Narungga and Europeans: cross-cultural relations on Yorke Peninsula in the nineteenth century.Krichauff, Skye Mary Jean
2020Nasal mucus: friend or foe? The effect of mucus on mucosal barrier dysfunction in chronic rhinosinusitisKao, Stephen Shih-Teng
2019National Curricula: A Comparative Education Investigation of History in Australia and Singapore’s Lower Secondary YearsBleeze, Rachel Anne
1974The national parks and reserves of South AustraliaHarris, Colin Raymond
2006A national profile and review of services and interventions for children and young people with high support needs in Australian out-of-home careOsborn, Alexandra L
2007National regeneration in Vichy France : the appeals to renewal and sirens of decline.Lackerstein, Debbie
2008NATO’s eastward expansion and peace-enforcement role in the violent dissolution of Yugoslavia: 1994-2004.Tsoundarou, Paul