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1984M.H. Foslie and the Corallinaceae : an analysis and indexes / by Wm. J. WoelkerlingWoelkerling, William J. (William James)
1970Machine recognition of Thai textGray, Malcolm
1973Macroglobulins in normal pig serumSouter, Warwick
1964Macrophages and lipid synthesisFidge, Noel
2017Madame Butterfly and men of empire: stereotyping and trauma in 20th century novelsLyne, Sandra Anne
1985Magnesite deposits at Rum Jungle, N.T., Australia - genesis and association with Uranium and polymetallic sulfidesBone, Yvonne
2008Magnesium and diabetes : it’s implications for the health of indigenous Australians.Longstreet, Diane Alicia
2015Magnesium polyethylene glycol: a novel therapeutic agent for traumatic brain injury.Busingye, Diana Sabiiti
1972Magnetic and gravity interpretation of an area of Precambrian sediments in AustraliaTucker, David Hamilton
2018Magnetic current inspired antennas for wearable applicationsPinapati, Sree Pramod
2013Magnetic properties of the nucleon in a uniform background field.Primer, Thomas James
2000Magnetic resonance imaging of atherosclerotic plaque / Stephen G. Worthley.Worthley, Stephen Grant
2012A magnetic spectrometer analysis method for ultra high energy cosmic ray data.Whelan, Benjamin James
1961The magnetics of the Nairne Pyrite FormationThiele, W. K.
2012Magnetotelluric and Seismic Joint Inversion using Nelder-Mead MinimizationCarter, S.
2006Magnetotelluric experiments in Central and Southern Australia and their implications for tectonic evolutionSelway, Katherine M.
2014Magnetotelluric imaging of a Palaeozoic Andean margin subduction zone in western VictoriaStepan, M.
2016Magnetotelluric imaging of conventional and unconventional geothermal resourcesDidana, Yohannes Lemma
2016Magnetotelluric monitoring of unconventional resourcesRees, Nigel
2012Magnetotelluric monitoring.Peacock, Jared Roy