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1978Jakob Wassermann und das JudantumZimmermann, Anna Luise
1980James Shirley and the decline of tragedyNoble, Ann Elizabeth
1993James Whitelock's Liber Famelicus, 1570-1632 / by Damian X. Powell.Powell, Damian X. (Damian Xavier); Whitelocke, James, Sir, 1570-1632. Liber famelicus
2019Janus-Faced Mothering and a Cruel Story of Blame: The Representations and Lived Effects of Mothering an Autistic ChildWilliams, Karen Jane
2003Japan's non-nuclear policy : past and presentRai, Felicity
1993Japanese internment in Australia during World War II / Yuriko NagataNagata, Yuriko
2010Japan’s response to the rise of China: implications for regional institutions.Rathus, Joel Mendel
2009Jebel Tays ophiolitic thrust sheet, Saudi Arabia: tectonic setting, petrogenesis and geochronological frameworkCox, G. M.
2021Jigsaws Falling into Place: Advances in Event Reconstruction and Electroweak Supersymmetry at ATLASSharma, Abhishek
1992Joanna Priest : her place in Adelaide's dance historyDenton, Margaret
1949John Dunmore Lang, his work and influence in Australian EducationRosenhain, Geoffrey
2010John Howard: a study in policy consistency.Murray, M. L. (Kim)
2019Joint appearance and motion model for multi-class multi-object trackingLiu, Chongyu
1975Journalism in Adelaide, 1845-1854 : an examination of its literary,critical and topical scope at the mid-century, with a particular study of the Mercury, South Australian Sporting Chronicle and Commercial Advertiser (1849-1851)Manuel, Deane James Hubert
2016A journey through time and space: the spatiotemporal profile of attention relative to saccade and reachStewart, Emma Elizabeth Marshall
2017Jumping the fine line between species: horizontal transfer and evolution of repetitive elements in eukaryotic speciesIvancevic, Atma Maria
1979`Jus gladii' - the right of the sword : the trial of General Yamashita TomoyukiDe Laine, Michele Louise
2019Just Deserts: Reading, Writing and Rewarding Australian Women’s Crime FictionByrne, Jessie
1997Just health care for aged Australians : a Roman Catholic perspective / Laurence James McNamara.McNamara, Laurence James
2010’Just say it in your own words’: the social interactional nature of investigative interviews into child sexual abuse.Fogarty, Kathryn