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1973¹⁹F NMR studies of the interaction of α-chymotrypsin with N-trifluoroacetyl amino acidsNicholson, Brenton Cummings
2017Fabrication of carbon-based nanomaterials for energy conversionBayatsarmadi, Bita
1974A Fabry-Perot interferometer and its applications to measurement of the thermospheric temperatures and windsBower, Anthony Richard David
2011Facial aesthetics and psychosocial outcome assessment following treatment of non-syndromic cleft patients.Foo, Peter
1977Facies and palaeogeography of Late Precambrian Sturtian glacial sediments, Copley area, northern Flinders Ranges and in the Sturt Gorge near Adelaide, South AustraliaLink, P. K.
2015A facies atlas for the wave to tide-dominated Gulf St Vincent (South Australia)Swiatek, David
1994Facies interpretation and diagenesis of the Cossigny Member, Beagle Sub-basin North West shelf, Western AustraliaChapri, Aslam
2001Facilitation and fertile islands : linking canopy effects with plant interactions / Graeme T. Hastwell.Hastwell, Graeme, 1952-
2014Facilitation in dragonfly target motion detecting neurons.Dunbier, James Robert
2000The facilitation of exploratory behaviour and other behavioural changes by the presentation of novel objects to rats (Rattus norvegicus), chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and caracals (Felis caracal) / Carla Litchfield.Litchfield, Carla Anita
1995Facilitation of heat shock protein expression in blood mononuclear cells by anti-inflammatory rheumatic agents / George Burgiel.Burgiel, George
2000Factor VIII inhibitors in haemophilia ALing, Min
1992Factorial linear model analysisBrien, Christopher James
1979Factors affecting antipyrine metabolismHarman, Andrew Walter
2019Factors Affecting Cadmium Uptake and Distribution in BarleyThomas, Merrine
1965Factors affecting foetal growth and development of merino sheep with particular reference to maternal nutritionEveritt, Graham Charles
1980Factors affecting gingival blood flowShephard, Brian Charles
2005Factors affecting mucosal healing, reciliation, and ciliary function after endoscopic sinus surgery in the sheep.Wabnitz, David Alexander Michael
1965Factors affecting phagocytosis of bacteria by amoebaeTharavanij, Savanat
2012Factors affecting short and long distance dispersal of fungal pathogens : chickpea ascochyta blight as a model.Coventry, Steven Arthur