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2007The C+A theory of time: explaining the difference between the experience of time and the understanding of time.Turner, Andrew J.
2011C-reactive protein, periodontitis and systemic inflammation.Megson, Emma Dominique
1978Cache store concepts in small high-speed computers / Bryan David AcklandAckland, Bryan David
2011Cadmium enrichment in paddy rice grain: understanding the effect of soil oxidation and limiting the risk through soil and foliar Livera, Jennifer
2013Caesarean birth trends in South Australia: 1985 - 2007.Coxell, Judith
1964Caesarean section scarsPoidevin, Leslie
1951The Cainozoic succession of Maslin and Aldinga Bays.Reynolds, M. A.
2005Calcareous epiphytes on modern seagrasses as carbonate sediment producers in shallow cool-water marine environments, South AustraliaBrown, Kirsty Margot
2016Calcium and strontium isotope constraints on water mixing, carbonate fluxes and fish migration in Coorong Lagoon, South AustraliaShao, Y.
2010Calcium channel distribution in the arterial vascular tree and its relation to function.Ball, Christine June
1962Calcium metabolism in the chick with special reference to vitamin D₃Sallis, John Dalwood
1992Calculations in gauge field theory at finite temperature / Andrew A. RawlinsonRawlinson, Andrew A.
1969Calculations of photo-ionization cross sections for diatomic moleculesTuckwell, Henry Clavering
2017Calibrating new isotopic and morphological tools for palaeoecological forest reconstructionsDuff, H. L.
2006Calibrating NMR response to capillary pressure curves in fine grained lithologies: Pretty Hill Formation, Otway BasinAl-Ghamdi, Ali
2020Calibration and Validation of Remotely Sensed Ground Cover MapsFisk, Claire Adelaide Charlotte
2001Calibration of numerical models with application to groundwater flow in the Willunga Basin, South AustraliaRasser, Paul Edward
2014Calibration of TLD700: LiF for clinical radiotherapy beam modalities and verification of a high dose rate brachytherapy treatment planning system.Rijken, James D.
1976Call differentiation in the Limnodynastes tasmaniensis complex (Anura : Leptodactylidae)Roberts, J.D.
1979Called or not called : the idea of history in the psychology of C.G. JungDelaney, Craig