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1967Baryon-Baryon interactionsDainis, Andrew
1976Base metal mineralization in the Kanmantoo Group, S.A.: the South Hill, Bremer and Wheal Ellen areasSpry, P. G.
1975A basic operational calculus for q-functional equationsMacLeod, Barbara
2012The Basil Cu-Co deposit, Huckitta project area, Harts Range, N.T., Australia: a possible metamorphosed volcanogenic massive sulphide depositSharrad, K. A.
2012Basin analysis and the geochemical signature of Paleoproterozoic sedimentary successions in northern Australia : constraints on basin development in respect to mineralisation and paleoreconstruction models.Lambeck, Alexis
1984A basis for relativism / Kenneth SimpsonSimpson, Kenneth
1975The basis of pathogenicity in AgrobacteriumRoberts, William Philip
2002The basis of variation in the size and composition of grape berriesGray, John D.
1983The bated shining sword : the Colonial Defence Force as a mirror of colonial society in South Australia, 1836-1901Wilkins., Len
2008Battlefield trauma (exposure, psychiatric diagnosis and outcomes)Coxon, Robert Andrew
2020Bayesian and Frequentist Global Fits of Minimal 4D Composite Higgs ModelsCarragher, Ethan
2006Bayesian artificial neural networks in water resources engineering.Kingston, Greer Bethany
2020Bayesian Data Augmentation and Generative Active Learning for Robust Imbalanced Deep LearningTran, Toan Minh
2018Bayesian estimation of monetary DSGE models and testing for indeterminacyHaque, Qazi G M Ziaul
2019Bayesian Inference and Model Selection for Partially-Observed, Continuous-Time, Stochastic Epidemic ModelsWalker, James
2010Bayesian networks for high-dimensional data with complex mean structure.Kasza, Jessica Eleonore
2018Beam space signal processing for directional transmission phased arraysYang, Ruiting
2018Because I’m Worth It: Belief in a Just World and Deservingness as Constructs for Targeted MarketingEwens, Kellen
2010Becoming a dentist: characteristics, experiences and performance of students in the early years of the Adelaide dental course.Lekkas, Dimitra
2002Becoming and unbecoming: abject relations in anorexia / Megan Warin.Warin, Megan Jane