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2020Bacteriophage 186 - Investigating the role of transcriptional regulators CI, Apl, CII and Tum at the lytic/lysogenic switch during 186 prophage inductionIsabel, Alejandra
1998Bacteriophage SfII mediated serotype conversion in Shigella flexneri / by Maria Mavris.Mavris, Maria
2015Bacteriophage therapy for application against Staphylococcus aureus infection and biofilm in chronic rhinosinusitisDrilling, Amanda Jane
2020Bacteriophage therapy for chronic rhinosinusitus: targeting Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilmsFong, Stephanie Anne
1997Baer structures, unitals and associated finite geometries / by Catherine Therese Quinn.Quinn, Catherine Therese
2019“Baggy Monsters” in the time of Trolls. How can the teaching of 19th Century literature in senior secondary school English be made more engaging?Lally, Hannah
2018Balancing cultural and workplace values: Perceptions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employee wellbeing and best practice in the workplace.Mansell, Ella
1971A balloon-borne graded shielded detector for the observation of celestial x-raysBuselli, Gioachino
1972A balloon-borne interferometer for infra-red aeronomy / by Keith Harwood.Harwood, Keith
1971Balloon-borne X-ray observations of the southern skyThomas, Richard Murison
2009Bandwidth allocation for quality of service provision in IEEE 802.16 systems.Tang, Tze Wei
2017Banking on hearts and minds: American banks, popular confidence, and the public sphere during the gilded age and progressive eraMackay, Thomas Ashley
2014Banking regulation and corporate governance: an empirical study of Chinese banks.Fu, Yishu
1937Bankruptcy and the winding up of companies in private international lawBray, J. J. (John Jefferson), 1912-1995
1998Banksia floriculture export marketing and vegetative biology fundamental to clonal propagation / Raelene Mibus.Mibus, Raelene
2018‘Baptism, no wall of division’: seventeenth-century Particular Baptists and dynamics of tolerationGray, Matthew James
1944Barium feldspars from Broken Hill, N.S.W.Segnit, E. R.
2008Barley cellulose synthases involved in secondary cell wall formation and stem strength : generation of cDNA constructs for functional analysis.Varanashi, Partha
2012The barley expansin family.Lombardi, Maria
2000Barley family five pathogenesis-related proteins / by Ronald Ian William Osmond.Osmond, Ronald Ian William