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1959Nummulites in the collection of the University of Adelaide.Dalgarno, R.
2015Nurses' experience in caring for patients with traumatic spinal cord injuryMohd Arif, Shareena Bibi
2017Nurses’ lived experience of delivering temporary epicardial cardiac pacing care: an Australian cardiothoracic intensive care findingHan, Matilda Kyungsook
1997Nursing and technology : gendered domination at workPaech, Merri
2008Nutrient availability and wheat growth as affected by plant residues and inorganic fertilizers in saline soils.Elgharably, Ahmed Galal
2019Nutrient Cycling Between Litters and Soil after Fire in Native Woodland and Pinus radiata PlantationsStirling, Erinne
2014Nutrient removal and recovery by the precipitation of magnesium ammonium phosphate.Jia, Guangan
2011Nutrient retention capacity of a constructed wetland in the Cox Creek sub-catchment of the Mt. Bold Reservoir, South Australia.Kasan, Nor Azman
2009Nutrient sensing mechanisms in the small intestine : localisation of taste molecules in mice and humans with and without diabetes.Sutherland, Kate
2010Nutrient sources and dynamics in the Parafield stormwater harvesting facility and implication to water quality control.Kim, Young-Kil.
2020The nutrient-sensing mechanisms of the mouse stomach and the ghrelin cell in health and obesityNúñez Salces, Maria Eugenia
2018Nutrional ecology in social insectsPoissonnier, Laure-Anne
1987Nutrition and cancer : studies on nutritional abnormalities, nutritional support and protein metabolism in malnourished cancer patients / James Marshall TrotterTrotter, James Marshall
2001Nutrition and nutrional value of wheat grown in organic and conventional farming systems in South Australia / Julie Louise Kitchen.Kitchen, Julie Louise
2007Nutrition and vascular function.Keogh, Jennifer Beatrice
2017Nutrition in survivors of critical illness: an exploration of the effect of nutrition therapy on muscle mass, nutritional status and clinical outcomes after critical illness with a focus on patients with a traumatic brain injuryChapple, Lee-anne Sheree
1995Nutritional evaluation and utilisation of an aquatic plant, Posidonia australis (seagrass) in sheep / by Nourmohammad Torbatinejad.Torbatinejad, Nourmohammad
2005Nutritional frailty : prevalence, screening and managementVisvanathan, Renuka
2000Nutritional requirement of wheat in relation to tolerance to Rhizoctonia solani Kühn / by Julie A. Cooke.Cooke, Julie A. (Julie Anne)
2015Nutritional strategies for allergy prevention, diagnosis and treatment, with a specific focus on egg allergyNetting, Merryn Joanne