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2020Australian inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients want biopsychosocial healthcare: a content analysis.Feeney, Meg
2019Australian meat consumers’ understandings of farm animal welfareBuddle, Emily Anne
2015Australian Monomorium: systematics and species delimitation with a focus on the M. rothsteini complex.Sparks, Kathryn Susanne
2016The Australian national curriculum: perspectives of teachers and school administrators on issues and concerns surrounding implementationRose, John Robert
1979Australian opera, 1842-1970 : a history of Australian opera with descriptive catalogues.Wood, Elizabeth
2002Australian Quaternary studies : a compilation of papers and documents submitted for the degree of Doctor of Science in the Faculty of Science, University of Adelaide / by Patrick De Deckker.De Deckker, P. (Patrick)
2020Australian Regulatory Requirements for Migration and Registration of Internationally Qualified Health PractitionersCooper, Melissa Kaye
1988An Australian study of alcohol dependence in women : the significance of sex role identity, life event stress, social support, and other factors / Oksana Tamara HolubowyczHolubowycz, Oksana T.
2017The Australian Way: A Critical Review of Australia’s Responses to Refugees and Asylum Seekers 1901-2013Stats, Katrina Therese
2000The Australian wine industry during a period of boom and tax changes / Glyn Wittwer.Wittwer, Glyn Martin
2020Australian Women’s Knowledge of and Attitudes towards Non-Medical Oocyte CryopreservationArendt, Molly
1997Australian-Indonesian relations, a study of political, economic and defence cooperation (1986-1996)Dugis, Vinsensio
2002Australians in Antarctica : a study of organizational culture / Aspa Sarris.Sarris, Aspa
2009Australia’s Cold War university : the relationship between the Australian National University’s Research School of Pacific Studies and the federal government 1946-1975.Van Konkelenberg, Jude Nicholas
1987The autecology of `Typha` spp. in south-eastern Australia / by Jane RobertsRoberts, Jane (Jane M. M.)
1955Autecology of Asphodelus fistulosus, L.Roark, Bruce
2017Auto-configuration of Critical Network InfrastructureRanathunga, Dinesha Prasanna
2016Automated detection, segmentation and classification of masses from mammograms using deep learningDhungel, Neeraj
1979Automated multifrequency measurements of ionospheric movementsWarren-Smith, David Noel
2008The automated synchronisation of independently moving cameras.Pooley, Daniel William