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1994Non-invasive determination of myocardial oxygen consumption with ¹¹C-acetate and positron emission tomographyBrown, Michael A., 1954-
2013Non-invasive imaging of atherosclerotic plaque prior to percutaneous interventional procedures.Liew, Gary Yin H.
2013Non-invasively obtained central blood pressure : barriers and strategies to its use in practice.Cheng, Hao-Min
1993Non-linear analysis of reinforced concrete plane frames / by John Mark Kenyon.Kenyon, Jonn Mark
1989Non-linear behaviour of reinforced concrete frames / by Koon Wan WongWong, Koon-Wan
1981Non-linear free-surface flows about blunt bodies / by Lawrence K. ForbesForbes, Lawrence Kennedy
2008Non-linear individual and interaction phenomena associated with fatigue crack growth.Codrington, John David
2013Non-linear models for evaluating the residual opening of hydraulically stimulated fractures and its impact on well performance.Bortolan Neto, Luiz
2002Non-linear overload behaviour and ductility of reinforced concrete flexural members containing 500MPa grade steel reinforcement / by Rebecca Jane GravinaGravina, Rebecca Jane
1958Non-linear vibration : an analytical and analogue investigation of the effects of non-linearity in the suspension of modern road vehiclesSmyth, Robert Walter
1990Non-lipopolysaccharide protective antigens of Vibrio cholerae / Dharam Pal Sharma.Sharma, Dharam Pal
1993Non-perturbative aspects of deep inelastic scattering / Wolodymyr MelnitchoukMelnitchouk, W. (Wally)
2014Non-pharmacological management of cancer-related fatigue in men treated for prostate cancerLarkin, David Anthony
2019‘Non-self’ mutation in a Drosophila model of expanded CAG repeat neurodegenerative diseaseScott, Andrew William
1970Non-uniform torsion of thin-walled beams and shells : application to round tubes containing axial slit of any lengthHigginbottom, Geoffrey Edwin
2014Noncommutative geometry methods in number theory.Pilch, Konrad
2001Noncommutative spin geometry / by Adam Rennie.Rennie, Adam Charles
1991Nonlinear adaptive control in the design of power system stabilisers / by Fangpo HeHe, Fangpo
2006Nonlinear dynamics of magnetic bearing systems.Ji, Jin-Chen
2016A Nonlinear Finite Element Model for Steel-concrete Composite Beam using a Higher-order Beam TheoryUddin, Md. Alhaz