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2019Australian Alcohol Advertising, Gender Stereotypes, and Alcohol-Involved Sexual AssaultCobbaert, Laurence
2016The Australian Army in the 21st century: organisational adaptation to new conditions of military engagement: a complex adaptive system perspectiveOmarova, Amina
2011The Australian cerebral palsy research study - epidemiological and genetic associations with cerebral palsy.O’Callaghan, Michael E.
1996Australian citizenship / by Genevieve Louise Ebbeck.Ebbeck, Genevieve
2004An Australian co-educational boarding school as a crucible for life: a humanistic sociological study of students' attitudes from their own memoirs.White, Mathew A
1994The Australian corporate annual reports : some factors contributing to low readability scores / by Betty Mkwinda-Nyasulu.Mkwinda-Nyasulu, Betty
1996Australian corporate divestitures : a test of efficiency versus financing hypothesesRosser, Bruce Alexander
1998Australian corporate social disclosure : contemporary elements and disclosure media / by Anthony John McMurtrie.McMurtrie, A. J.
1997The Australian Craniofacial Unit, 1975-1996David, David John, 1940-
2011The Australian cretaceous ichthyosaur Platypterygius australis: understanding its taxonomy, morphology, and palaeobiology.Zammit, Maria
1997Australian Federal Government service revenues : a taxation perspective / by Maxwell Donald Bessell.Bessell, Maxwell Donald
2018Australian Football League (AFL) Players’ Experiences of, and Sense-Making around Injury to their HamstringPearson, Simon Gerald
1972Australian fossil decapod crustacea : faunal and environmental changesJenkins, Richard John Frank
2013Australian immigration and migrant assimilation 1945 to 1960.Kokegei, Kristy Ann
2020Australian inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients want biopsychosocial healthcare: a content analysis.Feeney, Meg
2019Australian meat consumers’ understandings of farm animal welfareBuddle, Emily Anne
2015Australian Monomorium: systematics and species delimitation with a focus on the M. rothsteini complex.Sparks, Kathryn Susanne
2016The Australian national curriculum: perspectives of teachers and school administrators on issues and concerns surrounding implementationRose, John Robert
1979Australian opera, 1842-1970 : a history of Australian opera with descriptive catalogues.Wood, Elizabeth
2002Australian Quaternary studies : a compilation of papers and documents submitted for the degree of Doctor of Science in the Faculty of Science, University of Adelaide / by Patrick De Deckker.De Deckker, P. (Patrick)