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1980Atmospheric ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy / by J.L. LeanLean, Judith L.
1978The ATP-dependent reductive carboxylation of 2-oxoglutanateCarabott, Mary Jane Josephine
2015Atrial arrhythmogenesis during myocardial infarction.Alasady, Muayad
2017Atrial electrophysiological and structural changes in obesity and diabetes mellitusNeo, Melissa
2014Atrial fibrillation and obesity: characterization of electro-structural atrial substrate with sustained obesity and reversal upon weight reduction.Mahajan, Rajiv
2019Atrial Fibrillation and Sudden Cardiac Death in Obesity: An Investigation of the Arrhythmogenicity of Epicardial FatAgbaedeng, Thomas Adam
2015Atrial reverse remodeling in hypertensive substrateThanigaimani, Shivshankar
1996The attachment of dyes to amino acids / by Michael John Millan.Millan, Michael John
1979Attempted suicide : correlates of lethality : a study of young women who have attempted suicide by drug overdoseGoldney, Robert Donald
2018Attentional Facilitation During Reaches and Saccades in a Cluttered SettingOuyang, Yinhong
2018The attenuation of sweep events within the turbulent boundary layer over a flat plate using a micro-cavity arraySilvestri, Anton
1964Attitude to war and defeat in the later works of Ernst WiechertHebart, Hans Friedemann
2020Attitudes and Behaviours Regarding Climate Change ActivismWhitson, Kathleen C
2019Attitudes of the Australian Public to Current and Emerging Assisted Reproductive TechnologiesD’Annunzio, Jessica
2021Attitudes to Violence and Difficulties in Emotion Regulation as Dynamic Risk Factors for Physical Aggression and Violence Risk Among Violent OffendersCalliss, Joel B
1975Attitudes towards authority among tertiary students in South Australia.Rigby, Kenneth
2015Attitudes towards Indonesian teachers of English and implications for their professional identitySetiawan, Ardian Wahyu
2019Attractiveness and objectification: How these impact forgiveness and trait perceptionCampestre, Claudia
2017Attrition and new entry pathways: factors contributing toward attrition for students entering an Australian university through new VET entry pathwaysLovat, Alessandro
1987Audio-visual information programs as health promotion aids in hospital waiting roomsO'Connor, Peter James