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2013The accessibility of Phase 2 Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs in rural and remote Australia.van Gaans, Deborah Anne
2003Accommodating the Chinese: the American hospital in China, 1880-1920 / Michelle Campbell Renshaw.Renshaw, Michelle Campbell
2014Accounting conservatism and corporate reporting in a high information asymmetry environment: analysis of initial stock offering firms.Kim, Su Jin
1977Accumulation and reproduction in Indonesia: a case study of Australian investmentShort, Kathryne Teresa
1980The accumulation of copper, lead and arsenic in orchard soils and its effects on plants / by Richard Hugh MerryMerry, Richard Hugh
1978Accumulation of plant nutrients in sandy soilsLewis, Dale C.
2007The accuracy of a varian 600CD LINAC and the Pinnacle³ (v6.2b) treatment planning system with regard to IMRT implementation.Crabtree, Timothy
2003Accuracy of facial approximation : studies in measurement, prediction, and "recognizability" of human face anatomy / Carl Nathaniel Stephan.Stephan, Carl Nathaniel
2011The accuracy of influenza A (H1N1) "swine flu" laboratory testing: a systematic review of diagnostic test accuracy.White, Sarahlouise
1998Accurate computation of steady nonlinear free-surface flows / David C. Scullen.Scullen, David Charles
1971The acetolysis of cis- and trans-9-t-Butylspiro-[4.5]dec-6-yl p-ToluenesulphonateLaffer, Mostyn Henry
2009Acetylcholine and posttraumatic stress disorder.Goble, Elizabeth A.
2011Achieving high organisational performance: an examination of the importance of formulation-implementation balance, receptive culture and proactive capabilities.Koh, Hock-Tee
2016Achieving ‘partnership’: The relationship between horse and rider in the competition arenaSandland, Jacqueline
1920Acidosis and alkalosis, their relation to practical medicineSouthwood, Albert Ray
2016Acoustic analysis of rock cutting process for impregnated diamond drillingPerez Ospina, Santiago
1983Acoustic tube shape recovery with specific application to speech analysisBielby, Gregory John
1988The acquisition and analysis of craniofacial data in three dimensions / Amanda Helen AbbottAbbott, Amanda Helen
2014Across the Pacific: the transformation of the steel guitar from Hawaiian folk instrument to popular music mainstay.Cundell, Roger Guy Scott
1963The action of metal catalysts on organic nitrogen compoundsJackson, Graham Douglas Fischer