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1964Cytoplasmic granules in human oral and vaginal epitheliumBlanden, Robert Vincent
2005D - Brane charge groups and fusion rings in Wess - Zumino - Witten modelsRidout, D.
1973D3 Chromophores - geometric distortion in trigonal-dihedral transition metal chromophores and its relevance to optical circular dichroismButler, Keith Raymond
1995Dada / U.S.A. : connections between the Dada movement and six American fiction writersFernandez, Ruben
1975Dairyfarmer organisation and politics 1949-69 / by Patricia L. Cor bettCorbett, Patricia Lukin
2016Damage detection of defects using linear and nonlinear guided wavesSoleimanpour, Reza
2019Damage Detection Using Second Harmonic Generation of Low-Frequency Guided WavesYang, Yi
2018Damage identification in FRP-retrofitted concrete structures using linear and nonlinear guided wavesMohseni, Hasan
1987Dancing on the edge : the dynamics of external debt in the United States, South Korea and ArgentinaSivakumar, Sivalingam
1984Daniel Fleming, Richard Scott and James Cocke : the making of a 17th century English provincial libraryChurches, Christine
1991"The darkness at our back door" : maps of identity in the novels of David Malouf and Christopher Koch / by Amanda E. NettelbeckNettelbeck, Amanda E.
1965Das Barossadeutsche : Ursprung, Kennzeichen und Zugehörigkeit : Untersuchungen in einer deutschen SprachinselPaul, Peter
1994Das Bild der Frau bei Bertolt BrechtGerber, Doris Ottilie
2020Data Augmentation for Multi-domain and Multi-modal Generalised Zero-shot LearningFelix Alves, Raphael
2014Data driven model selection and parameter estimation using semi-automatic approximate Bayesian computation to reconstruct population dynamics from ancient DNA.Rohrlach, Adam Benjamin
1985Data flow implementations of a lucid-like programming language / by Andrew Lawrence WendelbornWendelborn, Andrew Lawrence
2013Data transfer and sharing within web service workflows.Zhang, Donglai
2012DC anisotropic resistivity sensitivity and inversion.Wiese, Timothy C.
2009DC resistivity modelling and sensitivity analysis in anisotropic media.Greenhalgh, Mark S.
1998Deadly seductions : femme fatales in 90's film noirHofmann, Ingrid