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2019"What these Ithacas mean"Horlock, Ursula
2018What’s the problem with intimate partner abuse? Exploring the role of problem representations in the criminal law in the UK and AustraliaPatrick, Alexandra
1980Wheat : barley hybridization and the production and characterization of addition lines / by A.K.M. Rafiqul IslamIslam, A. K. M. Rafiqul
2018Wheat non-specific Lipid Transfer Proteins: identification and characterisation of nuclear-encoded fertility restorer genesKouidri, Allan
1999Wheat-chickpea yield performance, competition and resource use in intercropping, under rainfed conditions of South Australia / Mohammad Reza Jahansooz.Jahansooz, Mohammad Reza
2019When a patient's family member is a nurse: a portfolio of researchSabyani, Hussamaldeen
2016When men with prostrate cancer search the internet for physical activity information what do they find?Gelder, Charlotte
2020When the Wind Blows: Vulnerability of Power Networks with High Renewable PenetrationWillsmore, Fergus
2017When we do wrong: Can psychological flexibility transform transgression-specific guilt and shame into genuine self-forgiveness?Bem, Jemima Rohini
2000When worlds collide : music and ideology in France, 1946-1954 / by Mark Stephen CarrollCarroll, Mark Stephen
1998Whey growth factor protection against chemotherapy drug-induced toxicity in vitro / Vicki Leanne Taylor.Taylor, Vicki Leanne
2017A Whispering Gallery Mode Microlaser BiosensorReynolds, Tess
2008The White Distance: a novel.Errington, Susan
2008White hegemony in the land of carnival: the (apparent) paradox of racism and hybridity in Brazil.Cao, Benito
2001White noise analysis and stochastic evolution equations / Julian Sorensen.Sorensen, Julian Karl
1981Whitehaven 1688-98 : English provincial society in wartimeDownie, Alexandra
1987Whitlam and the cities : urban and regional policy and social democratic reform / Lionel OrchardOrchard, Lionel
2020Who Objectifies? Trait and Situational Predictors of Interpersonal Objectification in a Sample of Male and Female PerpetratorsTetley, Danielle
2018Who Owns the Practicum? Initial Teacher Education Initiatives in Three Australian StatesBowshall, Loretta Anne
2009Whole genome approaches to identify genes involved in early meiosis.Crismani, Wayne Matthew