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2018Trade remedy: a stumbling block for ASEAN economic integration?Girsang, Aritta Gracia Lily
2018Functional characterisation of GmSALT3: a candidate gene for conferring salt tolerance in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]Qu, Yue
2018Identification of yeast genes enabling efficient oenological fermentation under nitrogen-limited conditionsPeter, Josephine Jasmine
2018Troubled lives: vulnerability, livelihoods and capabilities of homeless women living in a train station in Dhaka, BangladeshWilliams, Shoshannah Kate
2018Energy systematics and long term performance of the Pierre Auger Observatory’s fluorescence telescopesNguyen, Phong Huy
2018Parental body shape in mid-life and its association with adult offspring obesity, body shape and self-perception of weight statusGrant, Janet Frances
2018Three essays in applied econometricsLay, Sok Heng
2018Irrelevant bodiesJager, Michelle Caroline
2018Child contact, domestic violence, and family law in AustraliaRoberts, Donna Celeste
2018The effect of unsteady flow on wind turbine wake development and noise generationSedaghatizadeh, Nima
2018Risk of complications and poorer postoperative outcomes in obese and diabetic patients following upper limb arthroplasty: a systematic review and meta-analysisTheodoulou, Annika
2018Regulation of reserve carbohydrates in hull-less barley grainLim, Wai Li
2018Modelling crop yields and climate risk under limited climate data conditionsBracho Mujica, Gennady
2018Clean. Reliable. Affordable. The role of nuclear technology in meeting the challenge of low greenhouse gas electricity supply in the 21st centuryHeard, Benjamin Paul
2018Investigating the function of single-pass leucine-rich repeat transmembrane proteins in cell signalling and early neural developmentGaskin, Shaun Murray
2018Fixation methods for acute syndesmotic injury: a systematic review and meta-analysisGieroba, Tom
2018Mind your mind: representations of dementia risk prevention in news and digital mediaLawless, Michael
2018Exploring immigrant and transnational entrepreneurship in the Australia and China contextChen, Yu
2018Communist women’s resistance in occupied Paris: engagement, activism and continuities from the 1930s to 1945Morrison, Amy Victoria
2018Essays on self-fulfilling expectations and business cyclesDai, Wei