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2018Exploring psychological wellbeing in actors: a qualitative study of professionals and studentsRobb, Alison Elizabeth
2018On the structure of nucleon excited states in lattice QCDStokes, Finn McInnes
2018Manufacturing the future?: a critical analysis of policy responses to deindustrialisation in South AustraliaDean, Mark Bernard
2018Biomimetic total synthesis of natural productsLam, Hiu Chun
2018An exploration of collaboration: Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal relationships in ethnographic filmmakingOffler, Naomi Robyn
2018Identification of yeast genes enabling efficient oenological fermentation under nitrogen-limited conditionsPeter, Josephine Jasmine
2018African states and the universal periodic review mechanism: a study of effectiveness and the potential for acculturationDamian, Etone
2018Factors influencing year 9 students’ mathematics performance related to lower order thinking (LOT) and higher order thinking (HOT) in Aceh, Indonesia: a multivariate and multilevel analysisElizar
2018Constructions of primary caregiving fathers and masculinitiesHunter, Sarah Clare
2018Design and synthesis of protein chemical crosslinkers: a modular approachDowney, Kayla Monique
2018Functional characterisation of GmSALT3: a candidate gene for conferring salt tolerance in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]Qu, Yue
2018Innovating traditional products: product authenticity vs. perceived sacrifice from the innovationQesja, Bora
2018To what extent can Libyan intellectual property laws protect traditional cultural expressions from unauthorised use?Agal, Abdolhamed Masoud M
2018Performing Chinese contemporary art song: a portfolio of recordings and exegesisChang, Qing (Lily)
2018The potential for bradyrhizobia and phosphate solubilising microorganisms to improve soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) production in acid soils in EthiopiaFana, Daniel Muleta
2018Investigation of a low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphatase in Streptococcus pneumoniaeAhmad, Zuleeza
2018Effectiveness of mifamurtide in addition to standard chemotherapy for high-grade osteosarcoma: a systematic reviewJimmy, Rincy
2018[EMBARGOED] Initiation of smouldering combustion in biomassWang, Houzhi
2018Negotiating the social consequences of stopping or reducing alcohol consumptionBartram, Ashlea Jade
2018Advanced nano-array catalysts for electrochemical energy conversion reactionsLiu, Jinlong