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2021Differentially Private Data AnalyticsLu, Zhigang
2021Impact of time restricted feeding on glucose metabolism and metabolic healthRegmi, Prashant
2021Understanding Nitrogen Uptake, Partitioning and Remobilization to Improve Grain Protein Content in WheatKirika, Margare Wambui
2021Interventions to control children’s screen use and their effect on sleep: a systematic review and meta-analysisMartin, Katie Bianca
2021Related Party Transactions, State Ownership, the Cost of Corporate Debt, and Corporate Tax Avoidance: Evidence from VietnamNguyen, Trinh Thi My
2021The Rationale and Design of Public Involvement in Health Technology Assessment: A Systems Thinking ApproachLopes McInnes, Edilene
2021Investigations into the lived experience and aetiology of dysmenorrhoea and pelvic pain in young womenEvans, Susan Florence
2021Factors affecting surgical mortality of oral squamous cell carcinoma resectionOng, Yi Long Roy
2021Representations of Women in Pakistani Cinema: Role, Image, and CharacterisationHussain, Nazia
2021Exploring relationships between changing food environments, food consumption behaviour, attitudes and nutrition outcomes for urban VietnamNguyen-Anh, Duc
2021Hepatitis B core (HBc) virus like particle (VLP) as a platform for innovation of chimeric adjuvant-free VLP vaccines targeting oncovirusesZhang, Bingyang
2021Prevalence of mental disorders in UgandaOpio, John Nelson
2021Progress Towards the Biomimetic Total Synthesis of Meroterpenoid Natural ProductsSassnink, Stefania Alessandra
2021Epidemiological evidence and potential interventions for problematic gaming: A behavioral addiction perspectiveStevens, Matthew William Richard
2021Subduction zone metamorphism: Timescales and emergence in the geological recordTamblyn, Renée Jade
2021Conformal group actions on Cahen-Wallach spacesTeisseire, Stuart Benjamin
2021The Application and Performance of Extended Techniques and Descriptive Score Annotations on Classical Guitar from 1970-2012: A Portfolio of Recorded Performances and ExegesisShepherd, Alexandra Lauren
2021Sex and Parental Genome Effects on Bovine Fetal DevelopmentLiu, Ruijie
2021Chinese Postgraduate Accounting Students’ Learning in Australian Universities: Their Backgrounds, Learning Orientations and Learning ApproachesWei, Yuxi
2021Eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase (eEF2K): its relation to cancer cell survival, autophagy and other cell signalling pathwaysLenchine, Roman Valeryevich