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2021Differentially Private Data AnalyticsLu, Zhigang
2021Advertising's Financial Market OutcomesLiu, Shujie
2021Media Portrayal of Ageing: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Media Discourses in Australia and MalaysiaImran, Muhammad Asim
2021Impact of time restricted feeding on glucose metabolism and metabolic healthRegmi, Prashant
2021Use of Artificial Neural Networks and fluid transient waves for active and passive inspection of water pipelinesBohorquez Arevalo, Jessica Maria
2021Understanding Nitrogen Uptake, Partitioning and Remobilization to Improve Grain Protein Content in WheatKirika, Margare Wambui
2021The Rationale and Design of Public Involvement in Health Technology Assessment: A Systems Thinking ApproachLopes McInnes, Edilene
2021Prevalence of mental disorders in UgandaOpio, John Nelson
2021Jigsaws Falling into Place: Advances in Event Reconstruction and Electroweak Supersymmetry at ATLASSharma, Abhishek
2021Diagnostics of particles and droplets under high-flux radiationZhao, Wanxia
2021Efficient Fully-Convolutional Networks for Image PerceptionChen, Hao
2021Linking metals to magmatism: The role of the Hiltaba Suite and Gawler Range Volcanics, Gawler CratonWade, Claire Elise
2021Understanding PPARg-Ligand Interactions to Treat Type 2 DiabetesFrkic, Rebecca Louise
2021Related Party Transactions, State Ownership, the Cost of Corporate Debt, and Corporate Tax Avoidance: Evidence from VietnamNguyen, Trinh Thi My
2021Low-biomass human microbiomes: another piece to the puzzle for non-communicable diseasesSelway, Caitlin Alyssa
2021Interventions to control children’s screen use and their effect on sleep: a systematic review and meta-analysisMartin, Katie Bianca
2021Anatomy and physiology of bone perfusion in living and foss il birds as assessed by CT-scann ing, microsphere distribution, vascular contrast imaging and foramen measurementHu, Qiaohui
2021Diurnal variation in the performance of rapid response systemsSundararajan, Krishnaswamy
2021Power System Modelling and Simulation Using Collocation MethodsYin, Hang
2021Sex and Parental Genome Effects on Bovine Fetal DevelopmentLiu, Ruijie