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2016Acoustic analysis of rock cutting process for impregnated diamond drillingPerez Ospina, Santiago
2013Analytical and numerical analyses for rock slope stability using the generalized Hoek-Brown criterion.Shen, Jiayi
2015Failure mode transition for rock cutting: theoretical, numerical and experimental modellingHe, Xianqun
2016Finite element analysis of impregnated diamond drilling bitsXu, Jiayi
2011Orebody modelling for exploration: the western mineralisation, Broken Hill.Lotfolah Hamedani, Mohammad
2017Prediction of breakdown pressures and fracture propagation surfaces in a rock material subjected to hydraulic fracturing using intact specimens and specimens with a replicated crackSchwartzkopff, Adam Karl
2019Quantification of Linear and Non-Linear Flow Behaviours in a Rock Fracture with Complex Void GeometryWang, Zhihe
2018Quantification of uncertainty of geometallurgical variables for mine planning optimisationSepĂșlveda Escobedo, Exequiel Manuel
2013Relationship between input and output : a systematic study of the stability of highly fractured rock slopes using the Hoek-Brown strength criterion.Qian, Qian
2014Stochastic modelling of fractures in rock masses.Fadakar Alghalandis, Younes
2018Study on borehole stability in fractured rocks in deep drilling conditionsKaratela, Ehtesham Ul Haq
2019Theoretical and numerical modelling of the anisotropic behaviour of jointed rocksZhou, Changtai