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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An aural analysis of bel canto: traditions and interpretaitons as preserved through selected sound recordings.Kirkham, Airlie Jane
2013Casting brass: a portfolio of original compositions and exegesis.Smith, Mark Colin
2010The choral program of the South Australian public primary schools' Festival of Music: a study of its effectiveness.Pietsch, Helen Marie
2013Creating both text and music for oratorios: portfolio of compositions and exegesis.Wood, Callie
2008Engaging adolescents in high school music.Rosevear, Jennifer Claire
2009A hidden treasure : Symphony No. 1 by Robert Hughes.Drimatis, Joanna Catherine
2008The language of enchantment : childhood and fairytale in the music of Maurice Ravel.Kilpatrick, Emily Alison
2013A new modular approach to the composition of film music.Walus, Bartlomiej Piotr
2011Notated and implied piano pedalling: c.1780-1830.Haskell, Julie
2011Portfolio of compositions and exegesis: a personal interpretation of the klezmer tradition.Wright, Melisande Dale
2008Portfolio of compositions and exegesis: composing for a choral spectrum.Wood, Callie
2008Portfolio of compositions and exegesis: conflict and resolution - modelling emergent ensemble dynamics.Harrald, Luke Adrian
2009Portfolio of compositions and exegesis: Leitmotifs and their development.Hall, Philip Jeremy
2007Portfolio of original compositionsDuncan, Wayne
2012Portfolio of original compositions and exegesis : an investigation of metrical contradiction, irregularity and ambiguity in music for senior secondary students and community purposes.Lakeman, Virginia Kaye
2008Portfolio of original compositions and exegesis: a personal exploration of modal processes.Cawrse, Anne Rebecca
2008Portfolio of original compositions.Grant, Quentin Stuart David
2014Sir Andrzej Panufnik: music and migration.Parham, Blake
2013Strategies to enhance the artistic quality of piano recording.Bajalica, Marija
2012Techniques for expressive nuance in classical guitar performance : portfolio of recordings and exegesis.Fisher, Jody