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2014Characterisation of a novel family of eukaryotic ammonium transport proteins.Mazurkiewicz, Danielle
2012Characterization of GmSAT1 and related proteins from legume nodules.Chiasson, David Michael
2008A comparative study of Cl⁻ transport across the roots of two grapevine rootstocks, K 51-40 and Paulsen, differing in salt tolerance.Abbaspour, Nasser
2008A comparison of water stress-induced xylem embolism in two grapevine cultivars, Chardonnay and Grenache, and the role of aquaporins.Shelden, Megan Cherie
2013CO₂ and ion transport via plant aquaporins.Zhao, Manchun
2007Elucidation of a peribacteroid membrane-bound bHLH transcription factor required for legume nitrogen fixation.Loughlin, Patrick Charles
2013Evaluation of nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in wheat.Abdullah Faraj, Bahaddin
2015Functional characterization of nitrate transporters in maize.Wen, Zhengyu
2008Grapevine root hydraulics: the role of aquaporins.Vandeleur, Rebecca
2009Identification and functional characterisation of a class on non-selective cation channels in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.Carter, Scott Anthony William
2008Molybdenum transport in plants.Fitzpatrick, Kate Louise
2014Regulatory control of the symbiotic enhanced soybean bHLH transcription factor, GmSAT1.Mohammadi Dehcheshmeh, Manijeh
2008Self-incompatibility of olive.Seifi, Esmaeil
2013Water transport in grape berry and pre-harvest berry dehydration.Scharwies, Johannes Daniel