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2012Acacia victoriae and its association with sugary-exudate producing herbivorous insects and trailing dominant ants in semi-arid Australia.Weichel, Nyree
2011Broad crowned trees and the hydraulic limitation hypothesis.Escoto-Rodriguez, Martin
2017Canopy dieback and decline in pink gums, Eucalyptus fasciculosa, F.Muell in the Mt Lofty Ranges and adjoining plainsCroft, Sonia Julie
2010Cassytha pubescens: germination biology and interactions with native and introduced hosts.Tsang, Hong Tai (Steven)
2018Clonal integration in Ochthochloa compressa under extreme environmental conditionsAl Mosallam, Mobarak S
2007Ecological benefits of 'environmental flows' in the Eastern Mt. Lofty Ranges.Deegan, Brian Martin
2010Eucalyptus camaldulensis (river red gum) biogeochemistry: an innovative tool for mineral exploration in the Curnamona Province and adjacent regions.Hulme, Karen Angela
2015Fallen logs: creating patchiness in chenopod shrublands of South Australia.Bowman, Alexandra Stoner
2011Impact of mineral exploration on ecosystem characters and mallee vegetation of Pinkawillinie Conservation Park, South Australia.Scott, Lindy A.
2011Impact of willows on aquatic invertebrate communities.Azmi, Wahizatul Afzan Bt.
2016The influence of abiotic factors on the impact of a native stem hemiparasite on introduced versus native hostsCirocco, Robert
2017Insects, orchids and fire: the effects of fire on orchid pollinators in eucalypt woodlands of South AustraliaMarquart, Anita Evelyn
2014Invasive non-native plants retain native mammal communities in novel ecosystems.Packer, Jasmin G.
2008Rainfall regime and optimal root distribution in the Australian perennial grass, Austrodanthonia caespitosa (Gaudich.)Williamson, Grant James
2015Regrowth and recruitment of the rare shrub Logania saxatilis in response to fire.Grehn, Ute Susanne
2010The reproductive ecology of two terrestrial orchids, Caladenia Rigida and Caladenia tentaculata.Faast, Renate
2009The role of the reintroduction of Greater Bilbies (Macrotis lagotis) and Burrowing Bettongs (Bettongia Lesueur) in the ecological restoration of an arid ecosystem: foraging diggings, diet, and soil seed banks.Newell, Janet
2012Soil seed banks and vegetation dynamics in an Acacia papyrocarpa open woodland.Steggles, Emma Kate
2012Susceptibility of native plant species to Phytophthora cinnamomi and the spread of Phytophthora dieback in South Australia.Kueh, Kiong Hook